take my breath away......

My sugar roots run deep, and I am not a huge fan of meat, so what kind of foods snag me? I have been thinking about, dreaming of obsessing over this recipe ever since I first laid eyes on it last September in the New York Times, oh my, can you imagine, last September! My collection of recipes from newspapers, magazines and people I ask in the check-out line of the grocery store (yes I do) is off the charts, no real surprise there, I'm reeling with the number of recipes I need, yes need to make. They are meticulously filed away  okay, haphazardly thrown in a drawer waiting to be made one glorious day in the far-flung future, and the pile keeps growing......
Well, no more baby, I'm making one now.
I'm choosy about the foods I buy, I have to find them almost attractive somehow, oh my, (I know). I am inspired most often in the produce section, adorable baby sweet peas and sassy bulbs of fennel leave me weak-in-the-knees. Luscious peaches and pears, cheeky radishes, dainty lettuces, gutsy onions, lovely silky leeks, beautiful berries, all of this awesomeness about which I could drone on and on, takes-my-breath-away......dude, I love the produce section! I am inspired by the beauty I find there, it changes everything for me. Not everyone feels this way, I get that, but I look at plump, ripe tomatoes, and think, what shall I make today?  Sometimes, and I'm not proud of this, I buy produce just to come home and live on my counter so that I can gaze upon it's lovelyness to my hearts content, I'm just saying, it's the little things that make me happy.

tomato eclairs with creamy ricotta and basil filling


  1. Anonymous4/09/2010

    Mmm. That looks delicious. Ripe berries and well made doughnuts are what's floating though my mind when I think of happiness right now...

  2. Hi Anon, Ripe berries sound fabulous, instead of donuts try my french breakfast muff-nuts...I promise they are better than donuts.

  3. being free to follow my heart...that's what makes me happy....a little cheesecake doesn't hurt either :)


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