final cheesecake

 While making decisions has never been my strong point, I generally reach an agreeable conclusion after some mucking around with the details. I should probably at this point clarify that it is not the decision per se that has me bewildered, but the pesky details that come along with an instant I can decide I want a new bedspread and even which one I love [I know, firstworldproblem, sigh!] but then, oh, but then I need to  decide if I want a white one [I love all things white, always a safe choice] or sage green [also love sage green, but will it look okay with the wallpaper, will I get tired of the color, will it give me nightmares...] oh, yeah, that's right I can agonize over this for days, weeks, oh fine, we are now going on 4 months!!! Fine, I will get the white one, {I really think the sage green will be a nice change} well, maybe I will get both and alternate every month or so...which one should I put on first? The white one will look nice, oh, wow the sage one looks so springy......
Well I am just beside myself after baking this cheesecake, it made my day. If heaven were a food it would taste just like this. Let's assume you don't have your own personal pastry chef. Let's assume you don't want to spend an entire day baking a cheesecake. Let's assume you even like cheesecake....[I know, right there are actually some who don't] Can you imagine a world where cheesecake recipes are not spoken of in reverent terms, almost exalted to the culinary equivalent of the holy grail. To those that are devoted, cheesecakes reside on a higher plane than most other deserts. So, if you love cheesecake, this is definitely worth your time, the process may seem a bit daunting, but let me dispel that myth and tell you, this recipe is actually quite easy, and the final result is a cheesecake that is ... creamy and dense, with a delicate white chocolate flavor and a slight rumor of vanilla. Don't even consider using cheap chocolate (also make sure you use a white chocolate that contains cocoa) or cream cheese, you may as well buy a frozen one. Drizzle this cloud like baby with fresh raspberry sauce and it will slip down your throat like a whisper, or eat it naked...the cheesecake not you, unless that is what you want to do, So now that I have come full circle here I am throwing out this recipe for white chocolate cheesecake {how you eat it is up to you, okay, fine...have it with the sauce, wait no without...oh, I know, first have a piece with the sauce, then have one without, then eat one naked......}

The moment I laid eyes on this I knew I would J'adore it, but I ate an entire piece just to be sure.

If you do not mind some cracks in the top of your cheesecake, you can probably do without the water bath, I actually love the cracks, but that's just me, I'm a little nutty that way.

white chocolate cheesecake


  1. This looks so creamy and sweet, just like a good cheesecake should. I like the addition of the white chocolate.

  2. awesome I love cheesecake,you make it look so easy.

  3. thanks, canuck the white chocolate adds creamyness & flavor without overpowering!

  4. Thanks, Jay your comments are always so sweet!


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