Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee!

 The summer I turned twelve, I became a woman, and by "a woman",  I mean, another woman. Yep, that's right I went to bed a girl and woke up a full grown woman, and not just any woman...I was Sandra Dee! I utterly adore Sandra Dee. I think she was crazily talented...and completely underrated (SERIOUSLY! She was stinkin' brilliant at comedy!) That entire summer I spent hours pouring through Photoplay trying to copy her style {while sitting in the sun with gallons of lemon juice on my hair to get just the perfect shade of platinum}. A trip to the grocery store with my Mom found me dressed in a sleeveless dress, cropped cardigan, pearls (fake), white sunglasses and a scarf expertly wrapped around my head and neck...I looked more like I was reporting to a movie set {tee hee maybe not quite, but you know} then to buy the fixings for meatloaf at Fazio's.

I was secretly glad when her marriage to Bobby Darin broke up {please don't judge me} so that we she could finally be with Troy Donahue {whom I thought was drop dead gorgeous and fell in love with instantly}.  Troy Donahue was my romantic hero, he was my initiation to the kind of man I wanted, I desired him before I even knew what desire was. He was the worst kind of trouble, the kind that does not advertise itself, all shimmery blond haired, blue-eyed, brooding heartthrob...always a gentleman, always misunderstood, and always the romantic hero {as for you, Troy Donahue, I know what you want to do}.

It may just be that I am feeling nostalgic about the immortality of the beginning of summer, or it may be that I am looking for ways to prolong the inevitable return of fall, but I decided to make strawberry ice cream. For those of you whose summer's resolution it is to eat as much fruit ice cream as possible, this recipe is for you. While there is no ice cream season in this house, {I believe that ice cream should have it's own food group}, I prefer mine made with the freshest fruits and berries I can get my hands on.
I really like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream base, [how can Ben and Jerry be wrong?], I also really like David Lebovitz's Perfect Scoop [he is awesome}! either way you can't go wrong and you can never have too many ice cream recipes. This ice cream is sweet, creamy, full of strawberries and simply gorgeous to look at! I made some of this the other night and ate it while watching A Summer Place. Ahhh! life is good!


  1. Anonymous1/15/2012

    I must have, somehow, missed this one. So glad I finally found it! And of course, I loved it!!


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