jazz at midnight

 I love blackberries, j'adore them...they are sooo sexy, cool and dark like jazz at midnight. This is so unbelievably yummy, while at the same time so simple, I couldn't quite grasp it, the flavors danced together so perfectly. It was almost like going to the mail box expecting bills and receiving a love letter instead.
I prefer the simple things life has to offer, I am  a low maintenance, no drama kinda girl [what?] exactly, so yeah clearly that is not completely true, I can be a Prima Donna at times, I cause my share of mischief, I like to be wined & dined and there always seems to be some sort of drama surrounding me...but, what le heck, I'm just so me that way, yikes, I'm not sure where that came from or why, but apparently I needed to say it, phew! I feel so much better, don't you? No? well thanks anyway for listening.


Apparently there is quite a bit in the brew, but my personality flaws neurosis aside, what should have been an easy breezy post about blackberries has apparently turned into a mini therapy session revealing, among other things, the facts that I clearly read too many romance novels, watch too many sappy movies, avoid confrontation, I'm slightly high strung, over reactive and I appreciate the simple things in life [I really do].  I guess it could be worse. But we are here to talk about this awesome blackberry shortcake, so please excuse my vulnerable self while I throw out the recipe for these darlings. Did I mention that I ate a big serving of this? Oh fine, two servings, yes it really is that good. If not for the fear of gaining 10 pounds and heart palpitations, I would eat this every day for the rest of blackberry season. 

There is absolutely nothing I would change about this recipe darling, it is flawless and so easy you can make it with one paw tied behind your back. Again, YES, it really is that good.
 blackberry shortcake


  1. enjoy this fabulous blackberry shortcake while listening to some jazz, some of my favorites are ...
    1. Joe Henderson [Lush Life]
    2. Horace Silver & Jazz Messengers
    3. Well, You Needn't [Thelonious Monk]
    4. Round Midnight [Cole & Davis]
    5. Body & Soul [ john Coltrane]
    6. Body & Soul [Billie Holiday]
    7. The Thrill is Gone [B.B. King]
    8. I've got you under my skin [Ella]
    9. Bix Beiderbecke
    10. Nat King Cole [anything he does I love]
    11. Angel from Heaven [Bonnie Raitt]
    12. Autmn in New York [Bud Powell]
    13. Sonny Clark
    14. Hank Mobley
    15. Take the Coltrane [Coltrane & Ellington]
    16. Autumn Leaves [Miles Davis]
    17. Robert Johnson if I'm feeling blue-zy
    18. Katharine Whalen [everything]
    19. Sonny Rollins [always]
    20. Kermit Ruffins [love him!]
    21. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

    as you know I can go on & on so I will stop now, let me know if there is anyone I'm missing out on.


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