thoughts of summer...

 A late summer funk has come over me, leaving me with the overwhelming urge to do nothing but slowly go through the motions.  I know, one-woe-is-me-post after another, but I feel kinda stressed with all that is happening {all that needs to be done and all that I want to do before I bid summer goodbye}, and while I'm not actually panting into a paper bag, I'm just not myself. No, come on. Really, I'll be okay! I will welcome fall, with it's beautiful colors, cooler weather, and I love when all the awesome apple varieties start showing up, not to mention all the cool squashes, pears, and plums. I love baking this time of the year, spending a crisp, sunny day in the kitchen with whiffs of cinnamon floating through the air, soothes my soul. Having said all that, this time of year holds little surprise as to what awaits those who disdain winter. Summer is not completely over, yet I already miss it terribly. I need closure. A lingering last goodbye, a final fling, one last chance to savor the exquisiteness of a long, sunny delightful summer day. Thanks to another late summer heat wave rolling through, I just may be able to do so.
So, today I was clearing out some recipes (yes, clearing out some recipes...I know, right! I was shocked too) when I came across one of my favorite cookie recipes. These cookies are not fancy pants, and they may not make you bark at the moon, but they are really good and I found myself unwilling to share them {so apparently, they cause hoarding}! It's hard to say what makes them so good, the short bread-y texture really gets under my skin, and the icing is nothing short of dreamy-just sayin' again, they are really good. That's all. 

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