lobsters and happily ever afters...

The first time I saw him I knew there was something special, something mysterious, something magical about him that I could not explain. But it still came as a surprise when he reached up into the skies pulled down the moon and stars and made a little heaven right here on earth. Today is the anniversary of the day we got married. To my dear and loving hubs, Happy Anniversary to you, Darling! For this beautiful occasion I thought I would toss out a few reasons why Je táime.

  You don't get bent out of shape very often about things, you let me do that because I am so good at it. 

You tolerate [and sometimes indulge] all most of my ridiculous obsessions and neuroses pfffffft[well, if I had any], and you listen to me go on and on [and on and on and on].

You understand my overly-protective, compulsive love of our dogs and never complain about the cost of their health or nutrition.

  You believe me when I tell you that I was once a mermaid in another life.

You love the ocean as much as I do and take me there when ever possible.

You steer clear of my cleaning obsessions.

You drive 4 hours to take me to dinner on our Anniversary... then 4 hours to get back.

You don't judge me when I wear my pajama pants all day [or any of the other crazy cute things I do].

You make me laugh.
......thank you.
 We were married in Boston, so for our wedding dinner we had lobster, but of course! It has become sort of a tradition to eat lobster on our Anniversary [so hard to do]! One of my favorite ways to do this is Lobster Rolls, really, yeah, I know but I'm that kind of girl and it reminds me of weddings, the beach and weddings on the beach!

Lobster Rolls


  1. Emma in Burlington8/05/2010

    I just love your recipies and your photos bring them alive, but it is your writing that I enjoy the most. Don't ever stop.


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