time to make the donuts!

 I have never won the lottery, but then I've never been struck by lightning either, so I guess luck is relative! Please pardon my post birthday ramblings musings, just trying to shake some cob webs loose. There are moments when {ding ding ding} I am transported into the full realization of just how lucky I am. Now I realize that at times my mind likes to create it's own fish tales, and my memory may not always be crystal clear, but all in all it's been a pretty great ride so far. Oh sure I've had the usual bumps in the road {a few I wasn't sure I could get by} but it's pretty cool to think about it all now, and I kinda cherish it. I have learned a few things along the way, the best one is...brace yourselves it's a shocker, I love to laugh! There really is no end to the reasons why, they just keep rolling in. I'm just sayin'.....it's the little things that make me smile and giggle. I'm just so stinking happy. I wonder though, is this what birthdays are for...your life kinda flashes before you, your memory button blows a fuse and the awesomeness of it all blows your hair back? Yet at times, I can't help but wonder just for a moment, what would I do if I won the lottery?

To be honest, my birthday unexpectedly blasted upon me without any warning {how rude!}. So just to keep my blood sugar afloat through mass consumptions of well, sugar...in addition to birthday cake I made some naughty homemade strawberry ice cream {mais bien sur} and baked donuts. B-a-k-e-d donuts, you ask? Are baked donuts good?

 Well, to be perfectly honest I had major preconceptions about baked donuts. And let me just say, did I really want to buy another specialty baking pan, and have to find a home for it in my already over crowded kitchen? Tragic, I know. Anyway, while shopping at Sur la Table {yes, I am aware that I spend a ridiculous amount of time there, but I was looking for a birthday gift, and yes it was for me!} THAT'S RIGHT! I gazed upon these donut pans {oh swoon} they were just so cute that... well darlings, I caved. Wrap it up, I'll take them! Baked donuts, my apologies for the pre-judgment. {Your welcome}!
 Turns out, they were pretty good. Now don't get me wrong, they won't put Dunkin' Donuts out of business, but they were quick, easy, cute as can be and no one complained {everyone's favorite? the cinnamon sugar, followed by the powdered sugar, then the chocolate, I know, right}.

Baked Cake Donuts

P.S. if you won the lottery what would you do?


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