woman who sits in strawberry field......has butt in jam!

 When strawberry season rolls around it's like I've been without water for months and I take a huge gulp!!! Ahhhhhh! Then, well, I just can't get enough. So, I'm always a bit depressed bummed when the season starts to wind down. I just can't bear the thought of months without fresh strawberries, am I the only one who feels this way? So, it is at this point that my strawberry eating and baking is off the charts.  

I collect strawberry recipes. I am obsessed with them. It's not so much a deliberate act as it is an unconscious hoarding. This obsession means I'll never want for delicious ways to eat my beloved berries. These recipes sit  patiently awaiting their turn to dance with these plump, juicy, blushing, ruby lovelies. When I can't be bothered to peruse the collection, I eat them by the pint, nothing fancy pants, just plain ole' delicious strawberries...now, I'm not one to keep secrets, but the amount of strawberries that find their way into my house in the summer is astounding!

 It's enough to make a girl crazy-I've been fiddling and fussing, slicing and chopping, pureeing, baking, freezing, jamming, tarting, pie(ing), obsessing and re-obsessing with strawberry recipes for some time now, I simply can not get enough! So clearly, I must keep baking before total insanity ensues and I buy some blueberries (they were looking mighty tasty), after all, it is my normal to change unexpectedly (yes, I know, hard to imagine)...but I'm okay with that.

Anyway, before I tell you about my latest strawberry high(s), what is your favorite strawberry recipe?

This is a recipe from my childhood, I loved this when I was a kid, and now, well now it's still heavenly...I amped up the strawberries, of course! This would also be nice with the addition of any other fruit that blows your hair back. So, if your in need of an awesome strawberry milkshake recipe-this is your baby, baby.

strawberry milkshakes

sprinkles strawberry cupcakes


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