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let my soul catch up with my body.

I'm not ditzy.  I know June 21 is the real deal.  Still?  In my mind last week was the week that summer began.

This is how I know...

Bugs are back, big-time.  I am perfecting my single-toe swivel-turn ant-squish, and even managed to get bitten by a bee. the fly swatter's seen some serious action.  (I'm mostly a peace-loving kinda girl around here, but, um, not exactly entirely.)  I've seen my first cricket, and the first firefly, and possibly even the first dragonfly.  I've been tripping over caterpillars and talking up chrysalises and monitoring a gauzy cocoon by the gazebo.  One day and counting...

 I slipped outside last Tuesday night and snapped some peonies.  At nine fifteen, there was still light enough.  A month ago, I was going on bat walks at ten to eight, dark nipping at dusk's heels as I hustled home.  Now, times have changed.  How I love light late nights.  The garden has lost its awkwardness.  The big Rothko canvases of early spring, cra…

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