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I'm not sure how, but I survived winter. ( was a long one!)

If you are wondering why I can't stop whining waxing poetic about Spring's lazy arrival, it's only because it feels like I'm greeting an old school friend, like that new girl, Vivienne, from 6th grade who had the nerve to show up wearing eye shadow and angora sweaters and didn't stay for long, but whose memory still makes me smile. She was audacious. I rather like that in a person.

These days, the weather is plucky, drippy and impetuous.
Warmish and breezyish. Sorta sunny. recklesslyboldindefianceofconvention, insolent, brazen.unrestrained. Spring isaudacious. If Spring had a name it would be Vivienne. 

Under her influence, I'm a wild optimist, a risky dreamer, a napper on a rainy day. She keeps me guessing this one, with her changing ways.

In fact, Sunday night I went to bed feeling all bluesy around the edges. I was kinda sack cloth-and-ashes about finding my new routine just in …

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