April come she will......

{cue humming to Simon and Garfunkel's April come she will......hum hummm mmm} And is it me or does everyone seem to be suffering from Spring fever? Unfortunately, April is a moody month. A coquettish little minx doing exactly what le heck she pleases. Kittenish and flirtatious one day sullen and brooding without warning. Conditions vying between bitter and gloomy to pleasant and sparkling......sunny-rainy-cold-warm-snow-70* and then the next day it's crappy, but one thing is for sure, April is unpredictable and through it all we wait, wait for our share of sunshine, wait for leaves to magically appear on the trees, bursts of spring flowers and anything green, definitely, if April were a color, she would be green. So I wanted to make something fresh, a little spicy and of course, green. Clearly spinach would be involved, and because April is all about being prepared to be unprepared, we need pasta just in case some comforting is needed.

For what it's worth, I have a 6th sense. That's right! Sixth sense, I know when a new cookbook hits the shelves immediately and I'm there. Tuesday I picked up Giada at Home: Family recipes from Italy and California by Giada De Laurentiis. Beautiful! Anyhow, I proceed to peruse the recipes and they were everything I imagined they would be coming from Giada [she is on the Food Network after all, if not just a charmed person]. Hummm...just a few reasons to love Giada... 1. She lives by the ocean [swoon]. 2. Her recipes are unfussy using the freshest ingredients. 3. We both attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, specializing in both cuisine and pastry [oh fine. I never went there]. All digressions aside, I am inevitably attracted to recipes that are easy-peasy and pleasing to the eye so when I spotted this recipe for fusilli with spicy pesto, I knew it was my huckleberry, [your a daisy if you do].

fusilli with spicy pesto


  1. Mmmm -- spicy pesto! I love arugula and just about everything spicy. Grinning over your comment about the cooking school. Maybe some day? :) I also wanted to say thank you for the very kind comment you left on my Facebook page. Hope your weekend is a special one...


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