field of greens......

Let me set the stage yeah, clearly I've been lazy busy, stuff  just seems to find me...what can I say?  Spring!!! I love it, but there is so much to do. Spring fluffing the house, kitten up the garden, tend to the flowers that have collapsed from lack of sun, sweep away cobwebs and abandoned spider webs, clear the deck and gazebo of wind-blown debris, drag out the dang garden furniture......not that I'm kicking around the proverbial can, but I keep doing these same things over and over [with the same results ] yet hoping for something different to happen {yes, I know, this is the definition of insanity} apparently, you see, I don't learn from experience. 

The hubs, is a saint, he loves and adores me even though I know, I really do, I am no day at the beach. I'm just saying, I am annal about doing things a certain way and he just smiles and nods [two of the qualities I adore in him]
a typical {spring time} conversation may go something like this......

me: I'm going to go with all white flowers in the pots on the deck this year.

hubs: mmm hmm, that sounds nice {smiling}

me: or do you think I should do the pink, blue, yellow & white mixture I did last year?

hubs: that was nice {smiling}

me: I really do love going with just one color scheme, maybe I should try all pink this year?

hubs: hmmmm {looking around}

me: what do you think?

hubs: all pink would be nice, so would all white!{staring to plan his exit strategy}

me: so you think I should go with all white?

hubs: ...or all pink, whatever you think, everything you do always looks really nice {getting up}

me: it does? do you really think so because last year I thought it could look better...

hubs: no, it was beautiful {walking away...}

me: where are you going?

hubs: be right back...{walking really fast}

3 minutes later......
hubs: okay, where were we? {gulping a huge glass of wine}

me: do you really think I do a good job with the flower pots?

hubs: {sip sip sip} beautiful, you always do a beautiful job.....

me: really???

hubs: yes, really! {gulp}

me: so if I go with pink.....

hubs: GO WITH THE PINK!!! {finishing his wine & pouring another glass} that always looks nice.

me: *SIGH* that's all I wanted was an answer... the white it is, definitely going with the white {happy at last}

hubs: {inaudible} *HUGE SIGH*

me: so? what would you like for dinner?

hubs: oh, Gawd!

All this work has made me really hungry, so alas here is yet another thing on my to do list, dinner. I know, right, it never ends. Since I'm so lazy busy and all, I remember the gorgeous spring salad mix I bought and whip up a little Dijon vinaigrette [the whole time chuckling to myself] throw in some slivered apple , pop on some cheddar beignets [one of my favorite things ever] and this dang dinner is done!
field of greens with cheddar beignets

make it and they will come!


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