a few things I love......

I adore goat butter.

This chamomile & Lavender tea is awesome and not just because it is so beautifully packed in a little sachet then tucked inside a beautiful blue tin.

Strawberries the size of a baby's head... in April.

My Mug. 

Flowers I grow myself.


  1. nice batch of thinkgs to love!! that goat butter caught my attention. how does it's flavor profile compare to cow's butter? very intriguing and where to purchase it? love seeing a new (to me anyway) ingredient..

  2. hi, foodobsession, thanks for stopping by!
    goat's butter is very rich in flavor with a light texture, has a lower melting point than cow's butter, is much lighter in color (not as yellow) also has a very subtle Chevre flavor or in a word...yummy!

  3. you need to write a book,awesome stuff here lady!


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