the secret ingredient is......

It's not pretty, it may even border on embarrassing, but I spend a disturbing amount of time watching the Food Network channel, especially Iron Chef America. There in kitchen stadium with Mark Dacascos as the "Chairman" and the wonderfully wacky Alton Brown as the Commentator I imagine myself wondering, given the option, which Iron Chef would I choose? Am I alone in this, does anyone else dream of these things? I hold my breathe until the "secret ingredient" is revealed then scramble to come up with my winning dishes...and the secret ingredient is AVOCADO!
And so now America, with an open heart and an empty stomach, I say to you in the words of my uncle: 
Allez cuisine!
I would really like to say something tres chic here to soften my afore mentioned confession, but alas, I have no great message to parlay, so there it is......

guacamole salad

The first time I tasted this pie was in California and I thought it was key lime! I totally understand that some people will love it while others will be ho-hum about it, but everyone should at least try it......the trick is not to reveal the secret ingredient so that le taste buds are not expecting guacamole! But make no mistake about it, it does taste like avocados, so if you love them, this pie is for you and the best part (besides how good it is) is how easy it is to make! There is virtually no baking involved-other than the crust-it is the easiest thing EVER-how beautiful is that?

Avocado Pie
(go here for recipe)
Given the choice, which Iron Chef wold you choose, and why?


  1. Bobby Flay......duh, because he's Bobby Flay.

  2. I've actually had avocado pie before,it's much better than it sounds real sweet and creamy/the guacamole salad is simply delicious,light and zesty perfect dish for spring/summer

  3. Emma in Burlington, Ontario3/24/2010

    The salad sounds and looks fantastic. I am going to try it at our first outdoor party, as soon as the weather improves. I agree, it would have to be Bobby Flay.

  4. Hi Monica,
    Welcome to Blogland! Looks like you have some great recipes here. Be sure to link up to Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum every Friday...that way lots of folks will find your blog! :-)

  5. thanks Susan, love spending time on your porch it is so beautiful!

  6. toozez3/26/2010

    yummy yummy muffins!! These things are a mouthful of pure for which Iron Chef do I choose...hey they say buy local....I choose Micheal Simon..local boy!


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