gentlemen prefer blondies?

I have a confession to make and brace yourselves, it's a shocker...I don't like brownies...oui, je le sais [yes, I know], hard to imagine. Clearly not everyone feels this way, I get that, but hey, they just don't make-me-curl-my-toes-close-my-eyes-and-squeal-with-delight. Puh-lease don't look at me that way, likeisaidsomethingoutrageous? Maybe I should explain myself, I like chocolate, after all I adored this and couldn't stop eating these, but brownies just don't do it for me, brownies are Prima Donnas, going from fudgy or cake-like to dry and tasteless in a mere moment if not attended to immediately.

So then, the question arises, what am I not getting, does everyone but me get the awesomeness of brownies and with no other solution in sight, I challenged myself to another throw down...... classic brownie vs blondies [yes, once again with the Food Network]. Being utterly compelled to bake two very different brownies while feeling pressure that it is completely necessary to fall in love with one of them [fall in love! yes, that's right], I am now prepared to buckle down and bake [but now I kind of wish I would have never thought of it], but clarity has never been one of my strong points and I'm trying to keep myself focused.

So I 'm thinking that if anyone could turn my head with brownies it would be my idol, Ina Garten, so I went with her on the classic recipe, I mean with a name like outrageous  brownies how can you go wrong?

I choose my test audience wisely...... the hubs, two of my sons and the guys who endlessly work on my computers. Having said that, the verdict is [cue the drum roll] gentlemen do prefer blondies! And not to neglect my own answer, Ina's brownies were surprisingly tasty [it is Ina after all], but the blondies did not knock my socks off, I know, but still try them for yourself and let me know, what do you prefer?
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  1. Anonymous4/23/2010

    Your site is amazing! One can almost taste the splendid food just through your descriptions alone. The mouth is watering and then I am stuck looking at my cupboard full of Spaghettio's... Life is sometimes cruel.
    My mom and I will be trying many of these recipes. :-)
    Love you,


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