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For some odd reason, I rarely get excited about the "main course" when dining out, but get all squirrely and do a happy dance over appetizers, I know!  Could it be I'm subconsciously attracted to foods that require less attention, maybe a meal consisting of a protein, veggie and a starch is too much of a commitment? Entrees can be entertaining at times, but I am left at the mercy of someone who chooses my sides, I like a little lot more control then that, what if I don't feel like Brussels sprouts w/pancetta or aged cheddar mashers with my oven roasted Idaho brook trout? Usually my conversations with the server go something like this......

server: are you ready to order? [smile]

me: I'm thinking of having the brook trout, can I get the Brussels sprouts without the Pancetta? [smile with raised eyebrows]

server: no, it's already in there...[stares..]

me: oh, I was hoping for something vegetarian...[big sigh]

server: yeah...the Brussels sprouts are vegetables [thinks, duh!]

me: but they have Pancetta in them...[whining and a really big sigh]

server: um, yeah they come like that! [attitude!]

me: I'll have a cup of the split pea soup,  poached jumbo gulf shrimp cocktail with your special homemade cocktail sauce and the duo of beet salad with field greens, pumpkin seeds, maytag blue cheese and caramelized onion vinaigrette. [handing her my menu]

server: would you like to order your entree now?[???]

me: [huge sigh], I'll wait. 

So, after this craziness passes and I've ordered (finally) an appetizer [as an appetizer] an appetizer or two [as my main course], I come to realize that not everyone understand the bare-bones concept of grazing. Oh my, I know, right! [more sighs.] 

It was on one of these little grazing jaunts that I discovered what has become one of my BFF (best food finds), edamame dip! I inhaled it with black sesame crackers and vegetable was like a cashmere scarf, soft and comforting, slightly warm, elegant without being pretentious while bestowing feeling in me like cherished, caressed, embraced... Yes, it really is that good. See you Saturday, Edamame, for our lunch date...1:00?
 Of course I had to have the recipe, and the Chef was sweet enough to give it to me [thank you Shawn], 
and I will pass it along to you [your welcome!]

edamame dip (or as I call it Heaven in a bowl)


  1. How clever! This looks delicious and (YAY) not too guilt-laden. I have bookmarked it for near future use.
    I just found your blog via Not-So-Humble after reading about your Mum in her knickers and bra!
    I love your blog and look forward to reading further.


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