if life hands you lemons......make lemon boudini

 Spring fever and Meyer Lemon Boudini
I am giddy with spring fever, so in honor of all things spring I thought I would make something lemony [meyer lemony to be exact]. Budino is Italian for pudding, but oh, this is not just any pudding, it's pudding all tarted up in a mini skirt and heels! I made it when I first saw the recipe in Epicurious in September 2006, I kind of forgot about it until I picked up some Meyer lemons at whole foods, then after flipping wading knee deep through some old recipes I found and I made it again-YIKES-how did I go this long without making [or eating] this.
 Super easy to make, elegant and far beyond my expectations of deliciousness. The recipe takes a slightly heavy hand with the lemon juice and zest, but..just as you begin to think it's too much and your poor taste buds are starting to pucker, an undertone of cloud-like sweetness creeps in and mellows it all out. Part creamy custard, part tender cake, all lemon nirvina. By the way, also found some currents that I have no idea what to do with, but they are gorgeous, like jewels, maybe I'll tuck them away in my jewelry box, they are soooo purdy! Hmmm, what is the name of that disease where you constantly buy fruit and veggies and bring them home to rot? Is there a cure for it? And, is it just me or does anyone else do this?

Meyer Lemon Budino


  1. Im not really into cooking or food blogs,but the passion that you have for cooking makes it enjoyable to read your blogs,and everything sounds so delicious,thanks for everything,and keep up the good work.


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