a healthy love affair

 Given my love affair with all things beans and legumes, I couldn't wait to make this recipe, and since we're on a healthy kick, (just go with it), it doesn't get much better than black beans and rice. Such a classic combination, especially in Latin America and Caribbean Cuisine.  High in protein, magnesium, manganese, folate, potassium, calcium and iron (that's the healthy part), this is a really easy recipe that is rich in flavor and has a beautiful, velvety texture (that's the yummy part). Adding to the deliciousness of the beans is a perfect amount of heat from the habanero pepper and a just a tease of lime, the dish is complimented by fluffy, saffron rice, and a garnish of slivered scallions (a dollop of sour cream never hurts).

black bean, habanero chili and yellow rice


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