maybe I'm just scent-sitive.

Ahh, the fabulousness of going out to dinner...let me set the stage. We are seated in the dining room of our favorite eclectic restaurant, the lights are dim, soft jazzy music playing in the background, a man speaking very loudly on his cell...wait a minute! HOW RUDE! But, I focus on the positive...sit back, relax and enjoy. I have a delicious, golden beet carpaccio with orange, fennel, arugula and blue cheese salad tossed in a citrus-mustard vinaigrette followed by the most amazing sesame oil seared soft shell crab, which I inhaled with some jasmine rice, Asia veggies and chili caramel. The hubs has pan roasted duck-breast, fingerling potatoes, spinach and hazel nut-cherry jus...and this dude is still on his cell...since he's only a few feet away his energy hits me full on!

He is annoying in a bug splattered on the windshield kind of way. Uptight, tense, pretentious, self-absorbed and loud. He is also snapping at the server which is NOT cool and, and chewing with his mouth open while still yakking on his cell. OMG, really?  I know, I know! I have issues with rude people, judge me if you like. I have seen people do things in restaurants that's not pretty, sometimes it even borders on just plain embarrassing really. You've been there, right? Seriously, I'm a little reluctant to even wade in here, because emotions run so high on this subject....but there is certain behavior that is unacceptable......I like good table manners, is it just me?
Deep breathes!
    There, I could go on and on, but I won't. Well, okay, maybe a little...women [or men] who put on so much perfume that the scent remains...long after they have gone, you can almost taste it. Your scent should not be causing people to cover their faces, pinch their noses, or have a coughing fit! S'ok!

    I turn to the hubs and say "Thanks for not being that kind of guy, you deserve something special, tee-hee  [suggestive grin] how about, those chocolate peanut butter tarts you love?"[big grin]

    I know, right another chocolate peanut butter thing [yeah, the hubs is inevitably attracted to desserts with chocolate and I'm easy that way] plus,  these babies are insanely good, the peanut butter filling alone will push you over the edge, and with the addition of chocolate on top, they are heavenly, that's all. 

    chocolate peanut butter tartlets


    1. I want some,I promise I wont be rude.


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