I ♥ New York

Officially. I'm back from vacation, but I have not even begun to process my trip and all that I saw. I am having pangs of traveler's melancholy...ahhh, New York, you had me from hell-o {you are just too exciting and flashy for me to resist}. I'm reeling with memories and the feeling that every time I visit, feels like the first time and I am enchanted all over again, trying to be hip and sophisticated but coming off as a tourist never the less, so there you have it.
Brooklyn Bridge
Given my phobias, coupled with my extreme klutziness what came next nearly caused me to loose the small amount of sanity I cling to, but clarity has never been one of my strong suites, soooo...I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, I know, right! I'm scared of heights and I get the willies on bridges, but still, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, snapping photos and chuckling to myself the whole time. And the hubs, he was cheering me on and teary eyed [from laughing so hard].     

     Chelsea Market!

 We went to Chelsea Market, which in 1898 was the original Nabisco Bakery where the Oreo cookie was created. It is an enormous complex that takes up an entire city block and houses 12 awesome specialty shops including Fat Witch Bakery, Sarabeth's, Eleni's, Amy's Breads, Ronnybrook Dairy, Lucy's Whey, The Lobster Place, enchanting Gramercy Flower shop, original artwork and sculptures from local artists and home to The Food Network!   

  ♥Central Park

We did a lot of walking...... Battery Park, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, Tribeca, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, Union Square [love the green market], Chelsea, Gramercy Park, Time Square, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, stopping at every bakery and tourist attraction  along the way and snapping a million photos, well, not really a million, but you know.

eating in New York! 
We went to an elegant neighborhood restaurant on the upper East side, the exterior had tiny lights strung about it, making it look like a glittering present to be opened. The food! cool aloof wait staff aside, was ridiculously good. There was this salad...yum! Dover Sole that blew my taste buds away...! Lemon tart for dessert, with a presentation so beautiful I actually felt bad eating it. I may have left my body had I not been weighed down by all the food I ate {yes, that's right, it was that good}.
sigh. sigh, sigh.
 ♥♥♥ New York!
It was amazing...AMAZING. I was totally captivated. I was smitten. I just love that New York is one of the busiest, cramped, diverse, contradictory and enchanting cities in the world...but what shocked and amazed me was the number of people attached to their blackberries and i-phone, really people? Are you kidding me? Am I missing something? So I guess I shouldn't be upset by this, but that's my nature. On a stunningly beautiful day, I believe you should take notice, be in the moment, enjoy, breathe in the beauty, let the awesomeness blow back your hair {is it just me}. Stop, look around at a city that has so much heart, enduring spirit, and millions of people that are captivated by it all, the dreamers...people who live with passion and intention, and love or hate them the tourists...people who make things happen. I know, this city can be tough, with many lessons learned along the way... but it can also be fragile, inspiring, bewitching, dazzling...
 ♥♥♥ New York!

cherry almond cakelets


  1. What a delightful post! Of all the places I've been, NYC isn't one of them, despite have a million friends and a close friend's restaurant there.
    The picture you paint is lovely and these little cherry cakelets are just gorgeous!


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