life is a bowl of cherries...with rhubarb.

I really don't do much in the way of meal planning, it hardly seems worth the effort, well and then the question arises why, what am I not getting? I used to agonize over a weekly menu, write up a grocery list, buy all the ingredients, lug everything home, put it all away, and then...invariably rearrange the ingredients to fit the whim of the day [when I say rearrange I mean completely change the original dish which involves running back to the store for more ingredients]. Say I get a craving for Salmon with mango salsa...neither of these ingredients I would have on solution? Shop daily [maybe not quite daily, but every other day or so]. Time saving? No. More economical? Absolutely not. Fresher ingredients with a meal I enjoy? You betcha! 

Lest you think I'm about to go on a tired old rant about mid week food slumps of boring left overs and cereal dinners vs heating up the kitchen to the point of being over come by heat stroke, I'm not. Rather, I'm going to chat up the bare bones excitement I get from combining certain foods, the lid dropping flavors and textures that unfolds right before my eyes snags me without pause [oh my, I know]. I prefer something quick, healthy and tasty [yes, that's right] in the summer I like to eat clean, fresh  foods that are more flexible and require less commitment, two qualities I adore when they relate to cooking.  I adore fish with fresh fruit salsas, crunchy salads with lots of fresh veggies and fruits, fresh fruit for snacks and dessert...are you sensing a theme here, I thought so, I probably don't need to point that out, but I'm driving it home. mmkay.

I'm just saying, if I'm going to heat up the kitchen I prefer it be for something dessert, which brings me full circle to this recipe, cherry rhubarb cobbler. Yum......rhubarb and cherries, just two of the amazing fruits I picked up at the Farmer's Market over the week-end. They were so beautiful, almost like jewels, I wanted to tuck them away, maybe in my jewelry box they were so purdy. Of course I bought much more than we could eat. sigh. What can I say. I have no self control. You've been there, right?

cherry rhubarb cobbler


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