I just can't commit

 I know that talking about how fast time flies is nothing more than a pointless exercise in banality, but if your wondering what that "whooshing" sound is, it is the sound of summer flying by. Even though I'm an unapologetic wimp when it comes to the heat and humidity I love this time of year. It is at this time of the year [s'ok particularly this time of year] that I am that slightly completely obsessive person, obnoxiously chatting up rambling on and on about Farmer's Markets, fresh fruits and veggies and especially berries. Raspberries, blueberries, huckleberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes {yes, they are} gooseberries, cloudberries {duh} Chuck Berry {tee hee, I crack myself up}....the point is I am berry fickle! I can not commit to one that is my favorite, I love them all.
 Farmer's Markets!!! Farmer's Markets make me super happy! Of course in my usual fashion I buy more fruits and veggies than one household could possibly eat in a month. For those of you who read this blog regularly [yes, I'm deluded enough to believe that there's got to be at least one person who does] you will be happy to know I finally got off the chocolate and peanut butter kick I was on, which brought me to this recipe.

 Given the recent heat it would seem any sane person would not be baking...well, I have had my sanity questioned more than a few times, so it should come as no surprise that my baking is off the charts...cakes, tarts, pies, crumbles, buckles, betty's, cobblers, pandowdy, slumps, brambles, grunts, fools, shortcakes, roly polys, crisps, muffins and plate cakes, all of them studded with fruits and berries. Are we sensing a theme here? I thought so. So it is my intent to throw out as many back-pocket recipes as I can over the next few months. My favorite part about these recipes is how unfussy they are to prepare while still being so la-di-da delicious!           
I adore this pie. I am making this for my Dad for Father's Day. The filling is sweet, bursting with blueberries with just a faint rumor of lemon. The crumble, the crumble is lovely, so much better than a typical pie crust. While this pie is delicious on it's own, kittened up with some home made vanilla bean ice cream it is fabulous, the only way it could taste any better is if you were eating it barefoot on the beach. [Sigh]

[Double sigh]
Blueberry Crumble Pie

 Happy Father's Day, Dad!


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