a summer state of mind

 I know I'm in a summer "state of mind" when it hits me.
And by it, I mean, you know, that yearning to completely abandon all sense of  routine and responsibility as I know it. It is the feeling that makes me want to run barefoot through the meadow [if, indeed I knew where there were a meadow], to putter in my garden, or simply sit and take it all in.

It's never the same day every year, but for me it falls around the same time, usually the first week in May, when the weather is perfect, I'm no longer wearing my Uggs, and I've made it through an entire day with a goofy smile plastered to my face for no reason [well, that could be any day, but still, you know].


It hit me early this afternoon. The sun was sparkling in a sky so blue it took my breath away...hugging big, white, fluffy clouds that look like freshly hung bed sheets. All the windows were open and a soft breeze was wafting through the house...and it hit me. I breathed it in deeply, I inhaled it...and immediately used every thread of self-control (self-control not being one of my strong points) not to head for the nearest ocean. What le heck.

It sends my mind reeling back to last year this time, I was on vacation *SIGH*! Hanging out in San Francisco, driving down the coast to Big Sur [oh, glorious hours of driving and gazing at the ocean, heaven] touring the Hearst castle driving across the desert to Las Vegas! We were moving every single minute of every single day. I was by the ocean and I saw Cher. I saw Cher! Oh c'mon! As if you don't love Cher!

 Well, the travel bug has got me in a headlock again, I'm restless...our trip to San Francisco this May was canceled,  which once again stroked the embers of my wanderlust...I'm just sayin'.


But the hubs, he came through again, turning a business meeting in New York into an impromptu vacation [is that  awesome, you betcha!] So where am I going with this? Pause, wonder...oh, what le heck......

So, just to deal with all the what-le-heckness I baked this awesome almond cake with a crunchy crust adapted from Pure Dessert by Alice Medrich (I adore this book).This cake is best made the day before you want to serve it.

almond cake with crunchy almond crust


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