come what may

thingstodo I’m not a planner. I try to be. I really, really try to be, but there seems to be a missing “planning chip” in my brain. I start out with the best of intentions, and then something as simple as, oh, wow, the sun is shining… has me moving in a totally different direction and off I go. You’ve been there, right?

I’m not perfect and I embrace that, so…I make lists of all the things I need to do, agonizing over it, wondering when I will find the time to get everything done. Oh I talk a good game, but I’m almost embarrassed to admit how flighty I can be. I try to focus on the things I do, but the truth is I could do better. I-could-do-better!

As you may know, I have an aversion to anything that involves making an appointment, once made, I feel trapped, having to plan an entire day [sometimes more] around said appointment. Why can’t I just pop into the dentist office when I get the urge [or break a crown] cut my hair when the mood strikes or drop in to see my doctor just for le heck of it? When I need food-I go to the grocery store, jeans-off to the Mall, plants-garden center! Simple, no?

more breaking news…I hate making dinner reservations!

By the way, could anyone tell me what happened to Monday through Thursday? I’m sure they happened, I just can’t seem to remember them. No, come on really, I’ll be okay.

Now you know what? I’m getting started on my To do List…well, as soon as I make some Whoopie pies!

How do you keep track of here to leave a comment!

Where I grew up, we called these cream filled chocolate cake snacks “devil dogs” the originals were more oval shaped and were carried by City Bakery trucks to every neighborhood.
All these years later, I still crave these babies!

Whoopie Pies (devil dogs)



  1. Lol, omg, your comment about feeling trapped by an appointment and having to plan a whole day around it is EXACTLY me.
    These whoopie pies look delish! One question-
    Do you think that I could substitute butter for the Crisco? We don't have Crisco over here, and i rather prefer the flavour of butter in frosting. What do you think?

  2. Emily, I'm not sure about using butter instead of Crisco, it is really not so much a frosting as it is a fluff (maybe use marshmallow fluff) but you could always have a throw down with yourself and see...I put a link the recipe above(click on Crisco) if you would like to order it online. [any solid shortening would do!] thanks for the comment!


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