Yet once again it has been one of those weeks when I have to stop and wonder...pause...reflect... and think what le heck? Is there a full moon, are the planets out of alignment, is Mercury in retrograde, is my aura out of whack? So in order to reassure myself and bring back a bit of balance to all the what-le-heckness going around, I turn to those things that give me joy...spending time with people I love, going for walks or sneaking in a nap with my little dogs, working in my garden and always coming back to this blog, which is like a rocking chair on a cozy front porch, laughter exchanged over the back yard fence, a look through the mirror, therapist's couch, confessional, soapbox, my touchstone if you will, the quiet place I go to take a deep breath, think about the ocean, you my dear friends and count my many blessings ......if only for a few stolen moments.

So, given all that...with me being in my white bread mood and all, I headed to the kitchen and made this soup, and now, you know what? I want to throw a party, knock back a shot of whiskey and run around the block yelling "I LOVE ROASTED BEET SOUP" just for le heck of it! I am thoroughly and madly in love with beets, yep that's right...beets. I think about all the things I can whip up with these babies and I get squirrely..... like this golden beet carpaccio with orange, fennel, arugula, and blue cheese salad tossed in a citrus-mustard vinaigrette, yummmmm! I adore this salad!

If the only beets you have ever eaten came from a can, freshly roasted beets will be an epiphany. Roasting the beets slowly brings out their sweetness while they hold on to their delicate, earthy flavor.  Roasted garlic and watercress is the perfect foil. Looking like an impressionist painting in a bowl with a rich, velvety-smooth texture and a luscious garlic-beet scent, this soup is a silk purse made from a sow's ear [okay fine, from  beets], but ingredients just don't come any humbler than beets, yet this soup tastes fancy [frou frou even]. I ate this on a warm spring day in my garden thinking, ...if the violets in the mountains have broken the rocks {Tennessee Williams}, then soup can soothe your soul. peace.

Roasted Beet Soup


  1. Oh, now I'm just going to spend my days cheering my beets along so that I can harvest them and make this. I bet it will freeze well too, so I wont have to pickle all of my left over beets!


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