fear of flying

 I do love to travel {I guess I should say I love the destination} I'm just not crazy about FLYING per se. I'm just not good at it, I feel crowded on the inside as well as the outside. I become aware of my own mortality and I'm overcome by feelings of total lack of control over the situation. I feel as if I am being held hostage at a cocktail party in a large metal object shaped like an arrow hurling through space at 600 miles per hour at 32,000 feet! Sudden turbulence makes my stomach drop to my toes, I hawk-eye the crew to see how they are affected, if they act normal I settle down a bit, if they go running for cover as coffee cups & cocktails fly about the cabin I-FREAK-OUT!!! looking around to see who I will be spending my last moments with. Frozen in terror, I wait... then the captain comes on and says we are third in line for take-off, yikes!
So as the 747 hurls through space the hubs just sits calmly beside me reading or sleeping! What? Exactly! Who can sleep on a plane? Plus I'm crazy-obsessed [no surprise there] with my good luck charms (there are 20) Mr. Squeeze (don't ask) my rosary (hanging around my neck like a life line) and constant spritzes of Rescue Remedy... keeping track of all these keeps me busy for a while. The flight attendants have me on a list and give me side-way glances every time they pass, not talking directly to me but asking the hubs "is she okay?".  Now to his credit, the hubs does not act like he doesn't know me or ask to have his seat changed, he just asks for another glass of wine and shines up his armor a little.

 Once again I have bared my soul to you. I scare easily, I'm high strung and reactive. Can you just imagine what it's like to travel with me?  So, is it just me or is anyone else afraid to fly?

 zucchini and goat's curd tart

(go here for recipe)


  1. Oh! I'm totally stealing this! I love roasted courgette and expect to have a ton of them this summer when my plants get nice and big.
    I really can't wait to try this!


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