Snow Day Italian Meatball Soup

 Magic it seems, always happens at night, while we sleep. We awoke to a blanket of snow, okay, technically 18 inches is not really a blanket, but it covered everything! It was beautiful. Breathtaking. Sparkly. Pristine. Untouched. I guess it really should not have come as too much of a shock, the weather man did predict snow, but geez, that was a lot of snow! Taking the dogs for their walk was a challenge in itself because, well the snow was deeper than they are tall! But they loved it (they are from Tibet after all) and had a ball jumping and burrowing their little faces in the snow!

Our original plans for the week-end were quickly changed to include shoveling, a trip to the grocery store, a stunning walk through the woods behind our house and making soup for dinner. Now "the hubs" does not care what kind of soup we have as long as "it has some meat in it"! I like my soup on the lighter side with "lots of veggies",  which made this soup the perfect choice! I can't even tell you how awesome the house smelled. Between the soup and the homemade dill was heavenly! Long sigh.....nice week-end!

Italian Meatball Soup


  1. Anonymous2/08/2010

    I will skip the snow but I have to try the soup and bread. I can smell the dill already.


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