the sun is my lady


The world was shining that morning! I don't know if I ever mention enough how much I love the sun. Do I say it enough? The sun is my lady. (Thanks Mr. Sinatra). A few weeks back, optimism oozed out of every corner of the city, the sun shone in blue skies and the temperature was in the sixties!  I know, right! the sixties! in February! in Ohio! Are you still with me on this? It was a Friday and families were out. Everyone was taking in the sun. With babies in arms and in strollers. tourists in funny hats (okay, we really don't have many any tourists), cowboys and their ladies... (okay we don't have any of those either)! But dude, people were washing their cars, riding their bikes on the trails, walking in shorts and flip-flops, and I was dreaming of the ocean (but of course!). I was walking along the shore collecting shells and beach glass in a long white cotton dress embroidered with flowers, trees and birds. I was barefoot, hair tumbling wildly with the wind, wearing red lipstick.  (I shall remain forever hopelessly hippie). Ah, but, I digress...How could you be anything but ecstatic on a day like this. Despite the huge piles of dirty snow everywhere, mostly melting and slushy, it was impossible to walk down the street without being transported to springtime visions and thoughts of the sea. Try it on a sunny day. go ahead. catch the light. I dare you.

It would be downright mean of me not to share this with you. birds singing in the trees. dancing dogs. blue skies. visions of golden streams of sunshine. it has been fact way back last year the last time it was so fine outside. and we drank it in, every golden drop of it. mighty fine, Clementine! I believe that if you follow your heart, you can't go far wrong, so, instead of a day planned sitting in a cozy movie theater, we opted for golden rays, lunch eaten in the sun still glistening from the last snowfall and pulled all that positive energy towards us with all we had, swirling with our new-found natural energy.  You don't have to follow suit, but I do suggest that when the sun plays outside, so should you, just to start the blood circulating.


 I laughed more than I've laughed in months. Maybe years. I laughed until I cried and kept on laughing until I was gasping for air, unable to speak. or breathe. my stomach hurt. man! that felt good! I was with my mom, who, like me was laughing. we went to see the ducks. at a pond I've gone to since I was knee high. It was, we commented, like a party, the perfect place to go on a day like this. When we get together, mom and me, we are mostly friends now...and sometimes! fourteen years old, wearing braces, and giggling so much that we think we might wet our knickers.  The reason for our hilarity? none! just life baby and the joy of being in the moment, and sharing it with someone you love. My mom in my life is a gift that keeps on giving.  So, like silly schoolgirls we played -- played outside -- while the sun shined endlessly. It's not that I'm proud of wetting my knickers, it's just that the opportunity to laugh until one pees cries is the very best therapy the in the world.

It's hard not to catch your breath when looking at water in the sunlight, it's just the best, and it won't leave you feeling like you've eaten too much chocolate. Did I mention that it's hard not to catch your breath when looking at water in the sunlight? It's the sun's fault that we're still a bit giddy here. But the weather has gone haywire and seems to believe that it's April. We were greeted with cheerful sunshine at most hours of the day, and even at dusk it was creating a lovely pink sky which gives a sort of Norwegian Wood effect.

This afternoon, the light was so beautiful, so enchanting. I squinted, looking through the tree to see as much as I could, to bring more of it into my view. The sun arcs behind us as it goes to set in the west but in the winter, very little light gets through.  This winter sun is so precious, so cheering, it makes you want to save all of it.
I don't know how long this summery weather will last, but I hope for it again tomorrow and the next day...but I think I know their number's up.
I am moved by melodies. by poetry. by stories. even more so, by flavor. by aroma, by zest. by style and a sense of place. by the sea. by the light...slanted patches of bright pushing through from outside and spilling everywhere can elevate my mood to above and beyond. just the promise of a glimpse will send my heart racing. chasing light is like being after little bits of pleasure for my heart. catching it touches my soul.

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