call me romantic... was long after midnight as I sat writing and gazing at the moon. The only sounds were the gently falling snow and the beating of my own heart.

I know!
another rant post about romance, but I am what we call in the industry an incurable romantic. Always have been. I was born cooing love songs with Cupid's arrow stuck in my bu heart. Fashioning romantic scenarios out of every day ordinary. Each occasion an affair to remember. Lunch when I was five years old became a wedding reception. I was the bride. My cat fluffy the groom. Hey, I was also blessed with a very active imagination.

I don't remember when fairy tales and I first saw eye to eye, but I remember loving them for the better part of forever. Dear...Snow White, Cinderella Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel~you might imagine that because I've been an adult grown up older for some time now that I have forgotten you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Man, you girls have had me swooning for years now. And you, sweet Alice, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Tinkerbell, I imagine what with all the years gone by you might think you have slipped from my memory, but your tragic to happily ever after stays side by side with other magical tales that to me are life changing, help to turn the tide. As an incurable romantic, there are many topics that push my happy buttons. When I come upon them, I confess I snatch them up and gobble them down like pop corn. Romantic movies are among my number one "gotta have" buttons. You betcha', I'm a sucker for a good love story.

So you either are, or your not! Romantic that is. Me, I've got it bad. Double dose. I'm not sure where it came from, but the evidence is everywhere. I can cast romantic notions about like nobody's business. I can hear, "We need to work in the yard," and immediately think, "This calls for a new sun hat!" or "We can have a garden party!" Silly me?  I've always been this way. Romance is personal. Basically what is romantic to me are things that stray from the ordinary, things that are spontaneous and creative. What may seem romantic to one person may seem ridiculous to someone else. There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some of the things I find to be romantic...

beaches. candles. wine cellars. trains. sunsets. white roses. thunderstorms. picnics. lighthouses. fireplaces. bridges. shawls and scarves. meadows. French accents. fountain pens. good sense of humor. leather. lace. castles. slippers. crystal. stars. puppies. anything heart shaped. pink. red. white. holding hands. old movies. photos. journals. crescent moons. smiles. music. books. tea. bubbles. family. sunshine. polka dots. tulips. hugs. dancing. baking.

Do you ever think that some people scoff at talking about romance simply because it makes them seem vulnerable? Talking about love requires us to talk about things we clutch closest to our hearts. our triumphs our fears. opening up truly and completely. freely. inviting others into our space. letting them wriggle into our lives. nestle under our skin. stay awhile.

We all deserve a little romance in our lives (gosh, now I’m sounding like Carrie from Sex in the City!)

So call me romantic, sentimental, idealistic, dreamy, enchanted, nostalgic, whimsical, I do believe in love and romantic things, although I am well aware that a true romantic is best described as someone who is in love with love, pleased by simple everyday things and living in the moment. maybe even in a bit of a fairy tale world. So yes, I am in love with love. with lovely. I am a hopelessly, incurable romantic and would want it no other way.

Oh, I love getting presents like chocolate and flowers (especially for no reason) or cards and notes, my favorites forever will be the ones that are glued, glittered and sometimes involve macaroni. And does anything make the heart beat faster than a heartfelt post-it note? I really appreciate when someone remembers my birthday. Mother's Day reduces me to a pile of mush. yeah, I know, they're sooo conventional and mushy but I really dig things like that, they're romantic!.


Happy Valentine’s Day!
(You had to see that coming.)

Red Velvet cupcakes
(go here for recipe)


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