Dear week-end,

I spent the week end at the beach! It was so relaxing. Saturday morning I woke up at 5 am listening to the ocean. Smacking into the sea wall. Splashing onto the beach. Quiet wide open. Sheer spectacle. Sea gulls hovering in the sky laughing. The sun marching around like it owned the place. Bare feet. Arms and legs too. Shorts and tank tops. Bathing suits put on for the first time in forever. I left foot prints in the sand. Collected shells and sea glass. I was blown away by the way the sea fulfills pretty much my every hope and wish. I could get used to this. Perfection. Someday. I have every intention of .......

okay fine! that never happened. I did not spend last week end at the beach, I'm just fantasizing, throwing myself a bone. 

But...I take kind of a strong stand, I know, on such a serious matter.  To me, week-ends are a deeply personal thing. I won't presume to know your ideal week end, I expect there are as many perfect week ends as there are people. I'll just share that mine's an improbable balance of sun, sand and ocean. You know, that particular kind of serious where you are totally and completely at peace. Yeah.  That one.

Lacking an ocean outside my door, close by, in the same State, and the fact that it's the dead of winter a little day dreaming seemed in order. A little arm chair traveling if you will, and why not? I have ocean memories tucked into boxes tied up with ribbons the color of sunshine. Thank you for that. 

 But honestly, where does the week-end go? every. single. week. Monday unexpectedly blasts upon me, how rude is that? So what's there to do...maybe I shouldn't be so nervy about it, but hey, that's my nature. Heaven forbid I should go about this in a calm, relaxed manner. Who would I be then? Does that keep me from plotting, planning, and stressing abnormally and, and since there is no cure for it, please don't slay me over it. Not a first-world problem. I know, but still. I'm wondering? am I alone in feeling this way? Pouring salt in my own wounds? Kicking my can. Does everyone else on this planet have long, leisurely, relaxing week-ends? Is it asking too much for one single, solitary day with nothing to do? Is using single and solitary in the same sentence unnecessary and redundant? Wait, is using unnecessary and redundant kinda unnecessary and redundant? Ah, but I've gotten off the track, I'm easy that way...anyway, where was I?

Holy Cow!

Now that I've come full circle..I'm sure this craziness will pass in time, so forgive me this annoying and indulgent post where I go all fruity about week-ends. I'm blaming it on winter, and why not, because that's how I roll? A touch of cabin fever, claustrophobia, climbing the walls, distress, neurosis, restlessness, SAD, seasonal affective disorder, temporary insanity, winter blues.

Dear week-end,
Why are you so packed with errands and chores? Grocery shopping, cooking for the week, dog grooming, dirty dishes, sky high stacks of laundry...
You're kind of exhausting.

I'm just sayin'...

Can I just have one day to relax? Maybe Friday night? I'd definitely take back Friday night. It's so full of promises. Like dinner out. Good company.Wine!

And Sunday, since you insist on being packed with all things in the kitchen, how about some house made hazel-nut chocolate spread?

Love, Me

P.S This morning I found sand in my shoes and a shell in my pocket. Thank you.

My reason for making nutella is not to improve on the store bought brand, but simply to support my habit.
The ingredient list is short, and um...sweet. Even worse (or better) is that there is no baking involved, it is the easiest thing ever to make-how irritating is that? Totally if you've spent hours baking complicated recipes only to have them come out so-so. Hello. I'm talking to me. So if you do decide to make this, have plans for it, immediately, give some away (unless your on a weight gain diet) because if you make this it will haunt you until it's gone! Yes, it really is that good!


  Hazel-nut chocolate spread (homemade Nutella)


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