serendipity and a cake!

 I'm big on serendipity, destiny, magical thinking, or anything really that falls on the opposite side of reason.  Because...well, every now and again, a  big 'ol pile of wonderful just falls from the sky and lands in my life, with no warning whatsoever. Science? Miracle? it makes no difference what these things pass for, I say, "wrap it up, I'll take it!" I believe everyone needs a dose of magic, a sprinkle of stardust, a pinch of faith, and that some things are just better left unexplained.

I've lived over 30 years by your side, marveling at all life offers. You are my never-ending...every errand, work day, phone call, lunch... is just part of our ongoing story. And thankfully, there seems to be enough happily-ever-afters to go around (be still my soggy heart!) Who knew that we would not only gaze at the moon, but have a pocketful of stars [riffing on Bette Davis]!

You are perseverance personified, honorable, solid, and flexible, with a triple helping of humor thrown in. You are my boom boom. You know the golden power of silence. You love a good slasher flick with a loud soundtrack [and true, there are times when I have to dial down your volume] but mostly, I am charmed by the way you can watch 15 episodes of Criminal Minds, in one sitting. You are my truly, madly, deeply.  You wear your heart on your sleeve. I mean, really, who needs sad and mopey when happy and over-the-moon are available?  Lethargic is nowhere in your vocabulary or your personality [and I thank you for that.] 

You are my deep kindred spirit. When we somehow stumble onto the subject of the Gulf oil spill over lunch, you don't pull a Pollyanna.  You are insightful and serious and offer up solutions. You are my betwixt and between.  And dude! while it's true, you can go from sweet and calm to crazy and excitable in two seconds flat, what le heck, it's just so you!

How I happened upon you was a chance occurrence. Meeting you, pure magic. That's my story, so I'm going with it, for the moment anyway. Calling it kismet seems inadequate, yet I'm not just sure what to call it, that moment...when I first laid eyes on you. Did I mention it was magical (and then some.)  And there you were darling, just sitting there, smack dab in the middle of my life... like you knew I was coming.  Magic, of course. Karma, I think so. Blessed, beyond a doubt. Destiny, absolutely. My good luck running rampant, certainly.

I never knew a relationship could be simple.  Or quiet.  Or quick.  Or — I'm so lucky— all of the above.  I had no idea a someone could be so funny. Understanding. Compassionate. That anyone might be more stubborn than me. Still seem impossible?  Does to me, too. I thank my lucky stars... all of them, Oh my. 

So since this is the perfect excuse reason to bake, let me just mosey on over to the subject of cakes...and, just so you know, when fate is smiling, she is a dead ringer for this one. Do I need to mention that the silky, chocolate frosting seals the deal. Maybe you'll believe me when I say this recipe works, but don't scan the ingredients too closely, they read like a cardiologist's hit list. But it's really not an everyday kinda cake, so tuck it away, save it for that special, magical, enchanting, celebrating a birthday, so to my dear and beloved hubs, 
Happy Birthday to you, darling,

 Banana Birthday Cake

(go here for recipe)


  1. Anonymous10/05/2010

    The cake was beyond fantastic and so are you!
    Love always,


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