frittering it all away

 It rained for days, the constant dripping sounded like an old woman restlessly tapping her fingers against the windows. In between bouts of rain and nostalgia, I tried to conjure up the sun for one last fling. And do you know what? My magical thinking paid off! skies, bright light and warm! Ahhhh, feels-so good-sun-on-your-face-no-jacket-needed, warm! I'm talking seventy-one degrees, baby, throw open the windows, walk barefoot in the grass warm! The rain?  Gone!! Outside?  Color everywhere!  The trees are blushing! Bridal party seedum sprouting up everywhere. Mums decked out in their prom date colors. Leaves scattered about like pages from a four year old's coloring book. Holy cow, Fall is beautiful!
  I'll be soaking up the sun, as long as it shines.  Exploring my world. Taking photos. Raking leaves. Helping the fairies move to their winter homes. Stocking up on winter provisions for the birds, squirrels and deer. The arrival of cooler weather has me looking forward to soups, stews, pumpkin pie, and other cool weather fare. But it also has me looking back, wondering where the summer went, wishing I had eaten more tomatoes when they were free off the vine, more blueberries and corn on the cob, thinking I spent too little time in my garden, and coming up with ways to hang on, [if just for a  precious few moments] to summer ingredients that are still clinging to grocery store produce shelves. Zucchini at once caught my eye, and why not, right?

While I'm almost certain zucchini would not likely win a summer vegetable popularity contest, I know, right? I love it. Even though it is green and fresh looking, I have to say, zucchini is not leading role material...but, but in the supporting role, {I would like to thank the academy!} it just may have the most talent of all. Let's talk about zucchini bread , how many people have been tricked into eating a serving of veggies under the guise of cakey slices of bread {shhhh, don't tell the hubs, he doesn't even know it's in there, tee-hee}. Zucchini is perfectly content to play it's part...mellowing out the cinnamon, adding moisture to the crumb and adding a healthy touch, and all this without stealing the show.Oh my!
Although zucchini fritters are almost entirely made up of zucchini, it is the texture that gets under my skin, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside-- rendering a pure, clean zucchini taste. The scallions help to play up the flavor of the zucchini instead of overshadowing it. Try these if you still have a ton of zucchini left from your garden, try them if you have to run to the store and buy zucchini, try them if you have to climb your neighbors fence and forge in their garden for any left over zucchini...Oh, and I also made zucchini soup, stuffed zucchini and zucchini bread...yup, I'm that kind of girl!
I love the colors!
Zucchini and Fresh Herb Fritters
(go here for recipe)


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