pink sheep of the family

 Okay, first, let’s talk about the color itself. Pink...(say it with me now P-I-N-K, whisper it three times to yourself)) the name alone nearly sold me, it fills my head with exactly the same kind of girly-whirly cuteness that adorned my bedroom when I was six, where you could not help but feel like you had one foot in la la land. How could pink be anything less than la dee dah and adorable? Well, adorable it is.  The walls were painted pink and decorated with a bursts of innocence, sheer billowing curtains in shades of pink flew about the room and made me feel like I was either in a sultan's tent or the bottom Jennie's bottle.
 Because even though I wore a pink tutu over my jeans and pop beads, I knew proper kite-flying protocol and could swing a bat like nobody's business. I may have gone over to the Pink Side, but I could race down the street on my Huffy with the best of them, pig tails and pink streamers flying, knowing even then that life is a pleasure ride in itself. Every kid is enchanted by something, to me it was all things pink. Don't get me wrong, I adore all Mom always chic in the color of the season, my sister besotted by jewel colors, and me, always the pink sheep of the family. All those look-at-me-I'm-so-pretty colors? They rock.  I revel in them.  I haul them home by the bushel full...surround myself with them. I also loathe them, just a little.  Because it's sort of exhausting. Trying to match, make them fit in, not get tired of their loud shouting. Oranges must be put in just the right spot. Purples please don't tease me. Those perfect earth tones, they're relentless, at their peak one minute, sad and slumped the next.  All of them charming, but late across the finish line before they've even left the starting block. Leaves me just a little breathless.

I won't ask you to consider changing sides. I won't talk about how sweet it is, how simple...we don't know each other well enough, and you may not believe me anyway, which would be a shame. So instead let's talk about October. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, yeah I know, right, October is about pumpkins, Halloween, mums and impossibly tinted trees, it's kinda new to me too, but it's good to see, I cherish it. Then again, I've always rather preferred extraordinary months to those that are merely magnificent, so if it takes millions of tiny pink ribbons to take October beyond the ordinary, I say go for it! It's an easy decision to make an appointment. Just go. I know, your list of things To Do threatens to spill onto numerous pages, but this is important. It's hard not to love a month when she is so full of hope and promises...leading the way, instead of begrudgingly, dragging behind. Finally checking off another of those pesky chores that have been nagging at me. Not exactly come hither conversation, but how else to explain, get the word out...all these people coming together for such a worthy cause. Honestly, I could begin and end right here..but a little moxie, some twinkle and viola! Done! Relief! load off, believe me, I know.


save the ta ta's Cupcakes
(go here for recipe)

don't forget to schedule your mammogram!


  1. I'd like about 4 of those please! They look delicious and a worthy cause too - Just had mine 2 weeks ago.


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