if life hands you grapefruit...


So I myself am the loquacious type, do you need to look it up?  go ahead, I'll wait......




oh, fine, here it is... 

Main Entry: lo·qua·cious 
Pronunciation: \lō-ˈkwā-shəs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin loquac-, loquax, from loqui to speak
Date: 1663
1 : full of excessive talk : wordy
2 : given to fluent or excessive talk : garruus
synonyms see talkative
lo·qua·cious·ly adverb
lo·qua·cious·ness noun

Since I'm given to fluent or excessive talk, [there is no cure, my Mom had me checked when I was 7 years old] I shouldn't be surprised that I attract "certain types of people". I also have this thingy that lets makes me tune in to people's body language, feel their energy which in turn compels them to "talk" to me, I'm a magnet that just pulls them in. At times this can be entertaining, other times... not so much.

A few weeks ago I was standing in line at the Hallmark store. Yep, that's right a card shop what-kind-of-trouble-could-I-get into-there you ask? For whatever reason, the cashier's energy hit me full on! I know, crazy right but I felt like a deer in the headlights!  I'm telling you my radar thingy was bleeping. So the gal finishes ringing up the customer ahead of me, the whole time moving in s-l-o-w motion and looking like she may start to cry. I know. I know.

When it's my turn and she looks up at me and says " are you alright?" [gee-ze, am I alright?] hell-o, here we go.  I tell her I'm fine and ask how she is...big mistake! She starts going on and on about how scared she is, blah blah blah ...whispering in this crazy baby voice that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Finally, finally I've paid, grabbed my bag and am heading out the door. I meet my friends out front and while they're asking about what took so long, I feel my radar thingy bleeping off the charts, and now, you know what? *BOOM* she's standing right behind me!  All the while she's smiling like a Cheshire cat, mumbling about something bad is/has/will happen, embracing me in a hug and telling me over and over and over that I am loved. Just as I'm thinking she's gone round the bend/get me out of here/this could not be weirder...she kisses me! 

Oh my, I know!

I hardly drink at all any more, but when I got home I'm not afraid to say I over served myself, yeah it was with pink grapefruit sorbet...but given the circumstances coupled with my extreme "radar thingy" it's more rational to opt for something sweet----ahhhhhhh.

While looking for a grapefruit sorbet recipe, I found this one, but I was concerned about the "hard as a rock effect" you get when you freeze sorbet. I found another recipe with the addition of Vodka, which I know hinders rock hard freezing (since vodka does not freeze), so I combined the two. I used pink grapefruit juice, simple syrup, a few grapefruit peels and 3 tablespoons of Vodka. That's it. I added it to the canister of my ice cream maker, and churned for about 30 minutes. It was very soft and liquidy, but froze nicely and was delicious, slushy, sweet and citrusy. I put the sorbet in a container in the freezer. The next day, I pulled it out and was surprised to see that it had NOT frozen rock hard, and was the perfect consistency for sorbet.

Pink grapefruit sorbet


  1. funny but I am loquacious too - its in-curable -


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