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I know, it's two days before Christmas & who has time to start a new project, but I implore you to make time for just one more cookie (?), & if not this year, make sure to save the recipe for next year. These little guys are just spot on adorable! In the years I have been making them I have never know of one to be eaten, they are saved & adored until they crumble into nothingness.

Marzipan Snow people
(makes a family of 8 snow people)

1 package (7 oz) marzipan or almond paste
56 slivered almonds or small pretzel sticks for the arms
multi-colored oblong candy sprinkles for eyes, nose & buttons
2 packages fruit snack rolls for scarfs
8 large gumdrops for stocking hats of small gumdrops for top hats
your imagination

Roll marzipan into log shape & divide into 8 portions. Divide each portion into a large, medium & small ball.

For each snow person, poke one (or two) slivered almond into the center of the large ball & attach the medium ball, gently pushing down. Gently push one almond in the center of the medium ball & place small ball over the almond, gently pushing down.

Using a toothpick, makes holes in face for eyes & nose. Place two sprinkles in holes to look like eyes & one to look like a nose. Make holes for buttons & add colored sprinkles. Place two almonds to look like arms.

Un-roll fruit snacks & cut for scarf, cutting the ends to look like fringe. Wrap scarp around neck, overlapping at the shoulder. Cut circules from fruit snacks to make base for hat. Place on head & insert an almond in the center & attach a small gumdrop for hat. Also, you can use large gumdrops hollowed out then gently press over the top of the snowman's head.

These are adorable as place card holders for Christmas dinner.

Happy Christmas!


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