Molly Mae.

I was having one of those days. one of those days where my heart felt so full that just the sight of a  puppie who turned eleven made me sentimental and swoony. All day long! Humor me one more birthday?  I know.  But eleven is a big one. especially when in doggie years you get  four for one. and with all that training behind you, you can focus on the juicy bits, like early morning walks, all-day napping and random acts of sniffing. Anyway, I'd like to do right by that face. I could honestly begin and end right there. She really is all that. spunk, twinkle and love. a party with a wagging tail. a diplomat from the planet Happy. loyalty is her middle name. all you need to know, really. She invited her BFF Abbey. they were both dressed to the nines. They slay me daily with their infinite cuteness. The entire day just flowed through me, like a song. it oozed love. we celebrated a life made extra pretty with pink balloons, cake and tulips.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!


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