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It's official, a few days ago, I lost my ever~loving mind. Something about this time of year. I can smell spring in the air. feel it getting nearer. I have that ach-y, kinda sick pit of my stomach feeling of joy. say it with me, spring fever! I really can't prove it. or explain anything, you just have to take my word for it, I have not yet stocked the freezer with Popsicles or painted my toenails, but still,  I know it's coming...and I am so stinking happy! and, and a few days ago, I spent the day with my mom and my sister. We do not do this often enough, and that's just a crying shame, because we always have so much fun. It's true.

I wish I could just leave it at that. And I suppose I could. But what kind of person would I be if I didn't tell you the whole story? So let's just chalk this photo up to the first clue, and keep on moving.

I know you can handle it.

 You see, we don't always follow the rules. And it's a darn good thing, because how boring would that be?  If you had a notion that we sometimes go gallivanting around, outside in our pjs, would you judge us? More importantly, would you want to do it too? I'm not saying we do, I'm just saying that it's possible, on a warm spring morning that the universal truth is that breakfast eaten outside, in pojamas is the best! and spending time together in general, is acutely satisfying and supremely therapeutic. How else would I ever solve any of my life problems without my beloved mom and sister time? If you only remember one thing I say, let it be this: spend some swoony time with people you love. repeat often. it will make you a better person. lighten your heart. tell me if it isn't so. It paints me with a fresh coat of wonder. every. single. time.

this fits the bill perfectly on those days I need  to get the heck out of dodge. added bonus? at the end of the day we have a whole bucket full of new memories. Turns out I'm a pretty easy date, promise me a day full of laughter, a forever bond and I'm there. Still, we had a plan. it fell through. then, serendipity happened. a happy accident. things worked out for the best. and we were off. finally. It has been on our hearts every day, for years. It became a part of us. finally, we connected the dots. we snuggled up to it and held hands. laughed through the pain. that's the way it is with us. we knit together the words and actions, put the fragments together. mostly. seems we are pretty good at this...dreaming big dreams, making our own adventures and enjoying the ordinary.

 we laughed. maybe too loudly. maybe too many times. maybe, the whole day long. I was smiling so much inside that it made my heart ache in the best way, evah! There exists a directly proportional relationship between the amount of time we spend together and the brightness in my heart.

We didn't shed a tear, but we easily could have.

I have plenty to do, on these rainy/chilly/snowy days until spring arrives. Mostly, I have the time to unwrap the gift of the people I love, share our cozy. it is our choice, every single day, to find beauty in the rain, the things left behind, and the tiny quibbles.
Or mom's and sisters, I'll take that pret' near anytime...

creamy cauliflower soup with beet chips


  1. Anonymous2/28/2012

    I've got a notion to go gallivanting! It would be acutely satisfying and supremely theraputic! I was smiling so much inside that it made my heart ache in the best way, evah! i love you so much! No one knows my heart the way you do. I could be having a bad day and all I have to do is read your blog and it all goes away in the best way possible. xoxoxoxoxo j


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