life is like a peach.

Another one of those weeks! It's not really been a bad week, just one where I pause and wonder what le hack? Is it the moon? The heat? Is my sacral chakra blocked? When life gets crazy, I like to let things set for awhile. I float them around my brain as I go about everyday business. Wait for the proverbial dust to settle. Try to balance out all the what-le-heckness. This can be a slow process that sends me straight into major procrastination mode. Not unlike when I need to complete a huge project and wait until the last minute to finish it. Then I freak out and work on it non-stop. can you believe that? is that so wrong? but procrastinating when something major lurks on the horizon is just so vintage me. I may even have taken this art form to a completely different level.  So, let me set the stage...I can be in the middle of painting a room and decide to run out and buy new throw rugs. Or I have the entire contents of my closet dumped into the middle of the room and go take a yoga class, *I know* and besides, why not when I can so easily justify it? really, I can. This little habit first appeared in the form of speed reading books for long put-off book reports in the fifth grade and wait-until-the-last-minute science projects, which required days of heavy reading and hours of research crammed into one week-end all-night session. smart, no! but then I work well under pressure. 
s'ok! In an earnest effort to further hone my procrastination skills, I have taken on more projects than ever lately. these things just seem to find me. even while laying by the pool claiming to be too busy, I finally got over come with guilt inspired and decided to not take on any new projects until I've finished a few already on the table. But I really should know better, because whenever I say never, the Universe starts conspiring against me to make sure the opposite happens, and BOOM sure enough I am at it again. ohmygod, really? It's just not right, dude! but we all know I have no will power, and obviously I am not one to take my own advice. I have been dreaming about making a video for my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary in a few weeks, and so while I'm at it why not make one for the hubs for our 25th, oh yeah and one for myself since that milestone birthday is also coming up in the same week...hmmft!!! What can be more uplifting on your birthday than 300 pictures of how you used to look, set to music? Now I kinda wish I'd never thought of it. But the last day of July is just the push I need. 
  Every day is a gift when you think about it, but vacation days are especially easy to love. I hauled my beloved suitcase from the back of the closet, dusted off my passport, and I am starting the packing process (soon). The hubs is taking me to the ocean for our 25th. I am giddy and gooey shoed. I can not concentrate on anything else. The ocean does that for me, she makes me dance, inside and out. I patiently let him plan it all. I'm not sure how this will work out being the control freak excellent vacation planner that I am. When it comes to planning trips, I am practically a professional. But every once in a great while I turn the reins over and wait to be amazed. 
Okay! since August is chock full of celebrations, it will not be just any ordinary month, so the build-up starts early. Uh huh. I am the high maintenance one in this relationship. I mean you know how it is, if you're going to be a year older (and cross into a whole new decade) you may as well enjoy it. So this year, for birthdays, we're not talking numbers, the because should be totally self-explanatory. Mine, in particular. But there will be scandalous celebrations. And worth every minute. Plus throw in two milestone anniversaries, and the birth day of my youngest! pffffft! definitely taking the whole month. Happy birth-month to me! happy 25th my darling! happy happy birthweek to my sweet son, and happily ever after 60th to my loving parents. As you can see, I'm big on celebrations! I probably didn't need to point that out, again, but I'm driving it home. I'm pretty low-key about most things, but birthdays and such, HUGE. HUGE! didn't pick up on that? Oh yeah, and especially ones that are focused on myself people I love. So, I will be back when I have a moment, but right now there are gifts to wrap, cakes to bake, streamers to stream and an ocean with my name written all over it!  

    Life is like a peach. Firm, pink, and juicy at first. In the blink of an eye, it is ripe, bruised and wrinkled...but even sweeter than ever.
    fresh peach and oat muffins


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