It's not as though I have nothing to do. Honestly.  It's just that every so often, a day comes along that is, well, perfect.  Say, for example, it's the middle of November and the temperature climbs to 70* (plus)! Say also, that it's a day you make impromptu plans for lunch at a frilly tea room with one of your favorite people, e-v-e-r! and you are filled with promises of exploring impossibly tiny spaces filled with wonder and a whole room filled with yarn to boot. And would you look at that, there are trees still throwing leaves around. Eat, walk, shop, talk...laugh. I can see memories in the making written all over this day!

And did I mention a sky that doubles as an ocean? A cotton candy making machine. A blank canvas with daily masterpieces painted on by an artist who is not afraid of heights. Lately around these parts the norm has become non-stop limpid, breathtakingly beautiful tip to tip, from l'heure bleue and back again, with sunny thrown in for extra awesomeness. Every display created from scratch. Secretly? I believe it's clearly been created just for me.

Week-ends notwithstanding, the company is the thing. Smiles thrown about~everywhere~and friendly faces just a hop-skip-jump from where we sat. And is it any wonder that laughter was our thing? non-stop. belly busting. pee your pants...laughing. We will, one day look back on this one.  But as of this day, we have yet to make a memory where being together and having fun were not one and the same. Oh, the joy, one week-end can bring. I know, right! I get a little giddy I guess, when blue skies, a vineyard, three goats, one donkey, a shy cat and five people I adore are involved. So on this brilliant week-end we~ went for broke, bet the farm, shot the works, pulled out all the stops, put our heart and soul into was the least we could do.

Perhaps now, I'm memorizing all this perfection, saving it for a snowy day stuck inside, as I clutch my splitting side with one hand and muffle my snorting laughter with the other...


(Perfect) Vegetable Minestrone
(go here for recipe)


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