bye bye Miss American Pie

I have found certain recipes to be, ummm, missing some vital information. How frustrating is that? Like the cookie dough I made last week that also doubled as super glue. The dough was so sticky and hard to handle...I must have skipped over the part in the instructions where it read..."slather yourself and the dough in silicone before proceeding with the next step." This would be have been good to know ahead of time, right? I know! okay, fine-just keep me informed. I'm not asking too much am I, just, oh, I don't know... recipes that work? Shocking, I know! What started as a simple throw together some cookies, had me cursing the entire time and nearly brought me to my knees, but you know turned out fine, and there was no need to get so hand-wringingly righteous over it.

That said, I somehow ended up with some fetching little cookies that were actually quite tasty, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, just go with it, you might end up close to tears for awhile, but in the end you may get just what you hoped for. While I held back from exaggerating the frustration these cookies caused, they both drove me crazy and made me happy, I guess that explains why they are black and white, [yeah, I know, I'm so clever that way].
With October over, the slew of ghosts, goblins and ghouls have taken their leave until next Fall [although I did noticed a prospective new resident scouting out the neighborhood last Saturday], the jack-o-lanterns are dinner for the deer and other critters, and the friendly neighborhood scarecrows have swept in and out for yet another year...ahhh, we can focus on final strolls through crunchy leaves, sipping cider, Indian Summer and the vast and moody harvest of Autumn, while gearing up for the craziness that is about to befall us in the guise of the "holidays".

Savor a slice of fresh apple pie straight from the oven.  Oh, not just any apple pie.  This is the easiest apple pie recipe in the whole world.  Okay, maybe not the whole world, but you can make it with one paw tied behind your back. It all happens in one bowl.  Crust? no worries. Fuss? none. Mess? barely. So, that means, less washing up (especially when your sous chef licks the bowls clean). Along with a cup of tea it makes a perfect afternoon treat to nibble on while knitting on your newest project or taking a break from the decorating madness. Make this pie your go to dessert for a mid-week dinner slump or impromptu get-together, it won't let you down. Ever.  When faced with the onslaught of holiday soirees and the like, in the months ahead, you’ll be thankful to have this recipe in you repertoire.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie~ [easy] APPLE PIE


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