September Song

Well, September's almost over and we are receiving Fall like a benevolent gift. We are seeing peeks of crimson, salmon and gold between the green, cutting the grass for the last time, putting the garden to bed, entertaining thoughts of hunkering down for the long winter haul. Long awaited rain drops tickle the landscape, glittering like diamonds in the fading sun, the impossible scent makes my head spin and the entire event leaves me faint.

Yup, even though Fall's not my favorite season, it's alright, kinda charming, captivating even.

September is cleaning windows until they sparkle, vacuuming under beds and behind furniture, cleaning out closets and cupboards, swamping out the pantry and freezer.  Cleaning is my thing, and fall cleaning is the mother ship. I think it helps me to get ready for the changing seasons, for the waning sunlight, both in the morning and evening? September is traffic stopping mums. Soaking up the sun whenever it shines. Doors and windows flung wide open. It's the sudden, sweet breeze. Silencing the drone of temperature manipulating air conditioners. Air so crisp you can hear it. Flip flops and hoodies. Warm days and cool nights. Pumpkins. Sleeping with windows open. The weather suddenly so perfect I suspect Mother Nature loves fall most of all.

Good-bye, humidity.  {I won't miss you at all.}

Fall flavors come out of their hiding places. Nothing tastes better than anything with pumpkin or apples in it! Did I appreciate Summer enough,  did I squeeze every minute of life out of each day that I could? I still have the rest of today, and just maybe this won't be the last brilliantly blue day left.
So today, I am over the moon, suddenly giddy for the endless dance of shadows being cast. My imagination knows no bounds.  As I say a sad farewell to Summer's bounty, endless sunny days, glorious blue skies, fat happy hydrangeas with their periwinkle blossoms and fireflies...I say, Fall bring it on!

 apple dappy


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