I want s'more (cheesecake)!

 Clearly not everyone feels the bare bones excitement of going to the grocery store like I do,  I find it to be almost a social event, invigorating yet somehow tranquilizing at the same time. I know that most people would not consider this an attractive characteristic, but I'm oddly proud of it, maybe I shouldn't be, but that's my nature. I know, right. It's usually at this point where people say "are you INSANE?" because just about anything sounds like more fun than grocery shopping. Never-the-less I enjoy it, yet, and I can't stress this enough, it must be done right! It's my hope that I can offer a few tips, parlay my shopping know-how to help you dive headfirst into a pleasant shopping experience, after all I do spend a ridiculous amount of time at the grocery store and I love it, I probably didn't need to point that out again, but I'm driving it home, mmkay?
 .... first of all, the best time to go is before 10:00 am on a week day. [I know, but still] Why you ask? Well, because at this time of day, most of the clientele are a scattering of scrappy golden-agers who have been up since dawn, they have already weeded the garden, done the  laundry, baked a batch of cookies, washed the car and rotated their tires. Absolutely the best people to shop with. They are buying fresh fruits and veggies, multi-grain bread, freshly ground decaf and sugar free jam. Rest assured they have a list and  know exactly where everything is, they move briskly and efficiently through the aisles, maneuver a shopping cart with the same graceful ease of a Maserati Gran Turismo, when they get up to the check out, they immediately unload the groceries, hand over their coupons, swipe the debit/credit card, and are out the door the second their transaction is finished. Yes! life is good!

On the other hand, the worst time to go is any time after 3:00 pm. I really try to avoid this at all costs, but due to my own failure to properly manage my time, I have been know to get caught in the snare. It is during this time that you will find...stay at home moms, college students, people just getting off work and distracted seniors. These people fall into two groups, they are either moving in s-l-o-w motion like zombies or hopped up on adrenaline, nerves and coffee..buzzing around at hyper speed. They interact like oil and water, drinking and driving, fine wine and Philly cheese steak, Sarah Palin and well, everyone. They are in turn...distracted, frazzled, exhausted, attentive, focused, and refreshed ...generally speaking this is not a good combination. They are loading up on frozen dinners, snack foods, toilet paper and wine. I kinda feel badly for them, but I do not want to be shopping buddies.

Thrown into the mix, you have your multi-taskers!  They are the ones who will park their cart in the middle of an aisle, blocking traffic from both sides, while comparing the ingredients in yogurt, talking on their cell phones, and helping the kids with their homework. Don't even bother saying "excuse me!" or "could I just get by you?..."  They are oblivious.  Totally insensitive to your needs, there will be no eye contact, talking, or moving until it suits them. If you are unlucky enough to get behind them at the check-out counter, you may as well grab a latte...they take forever unloading the cart, wait until all items are scanned and bagged to dig out their coupons, courtesy card and the ever elusive checkbook. Irritating, you betcha! {Oh, and don't be surprised to find their abandoned shopping cart smashed up against the side of your car {I'm just sayin'}.

General annoyances...over-sized kiddie carts, temper tantrums, express lane abusers, carts with wobbly wheels, not enough check out lanes open, cashiers who read your magazines while checking you out, sale items that ring up wrong, self check out lanes, people who leave the frozen food doors open fogging up the windows, items that are in places that make no sense, people who forget something while checking out and hold up the line to go and get it, drivers who don't use turn signals {okay not grocery store related, but annoying just the same} These are just a few things to think about the next time your standing in line with your arms folded across your chest, tapping your foot, and heaving giant sighs...amIright?

This cheesecake is insanely delicious plus what is more therapeutic than cheesecake, unless it is cheesecake with chocolate and marshmallows {I love this combo}! The recipe is a little fussy, but totally worth it.

S'mores cheesecake


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