out of my mind...

I have a migraine.  I've had it for 4 days.
I got it working on this blog, on my laptop, looking down... at my laptop.  It has ached me and pained me.  I've been in format hell, font hell, wrapper hell and well all kinds of heated underworld. But alas here we are, not perfect - but here. It has been a huge labor of love and I'm so happy to finally be getting to the writing part of this beautiful journey that I am on ~ the reason I am starting this blog in the first place!
I named my blog Floating Cloudberries. It sounds kinda magical and super mysterious. I like that. I wanted to call it Ocean Girl, for in my heart that is what I am, but it was taken. So I came up with floating cloudberries and I love it,  plus it actually describes my new outlook is a wonky kinda way,  so score.
You see, I've recently had the full realization that inspiration and guidance comes first in whispers, then floats down, like hope and I've been ignoring it lately. I haven't been listening.
There's a lot of stuff I need to do, and even more stuff I want to do.
I know I'm supposed to be doing the stuff.  I just don't always wanna.  I don't want to leave comfortable town.
Comfortable Town has naps on cushy couches with puppies ~ I know 'cause I been spending time there.

Most of the stuff has been inward.  Not much outward.
At least not enough.

But this year, that changes.  I've said it out loud and now it must be done.  That's part of the purpose of this blog.  Accountability. Crap. I keep saying it out loud.

O.k. I hereby also decree that grace and lots of it, will also be a part of this blog...

...and recipes and love and marriage and a family and forgiveness and hormones and high school friends you reconnect with and gardening and books and photos and trips, general musings and how much I love coffee. and the Ocean.

I have spent a lot of time pondering what kind of blog I would like to have. The prevailing advice is to pick a niche and stick with it so people know what they can expect from you. As I am not an expert on anything but my own life, so this blog will just be about that. and gratitude.

even though I have no idea how to put this kind of gratitude into words.
plus, how will I remember if I don't write it down.


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  2. Hi Lily! Just wandering why you chose the name :) Are cloudberries easily available where you live, or are they your favourite wild berry?
    They're growing wild here in Estonia and I love picking them. Not an easy job (I've written about that on my own foodblog), but so worth it!!!


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