busy being fabulous

It finally came to me. Yesterday.

Holy cow!

I know experiencing an epiphany is not uncommon, not miracle status by any means. But I've just had one! I understand for those of you who are accustomed to such things that this is nothing to write home about. yet it's kinda exciting to me. a thrill. a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something. a sort of comprehension or perception of reality. intuitive realization. a spiritual flash, if you will  that can change the way I view myself (hell-o Gandhi!). can you imagine. I understand this. I'm not really new to it. But...

I'm writing home, anyway.

It didn't start out so grand.  Actually, the day before, I was rather blasé.  I knew it was coming, I've been thinking about it, for weeks months actually. due to the fact I wanted to have this settled by New Year's Day. Pshaw, I thought.  Take another day. think on it a bit longer. What's the big deal?

Did I mention my middle name is procrastination Perfection?
The big deal, it turns out, is that it was there all along. my very own ruby slippers. clear as crystal.  not exactly earth shattering. just enlightening to boot. Maybe I ought to ease up on the drama. savor the occasional magical moments, I'm oh so glad when they happen. and the memory has been hanging with me, perhaps because I've been hankering after it for so long. In fact, I adore it. cherish it. I look forward to the entire year of living with it, and maybe if I'm lucky it will stick around. forever...... there are many, many facets. layer after layer of awesomeness, built up over time like soft patina on an old spoon.  done well, this has personality, depth, character.  I tend to be of the mindset that says if it doesn't have character, if it's not all that why even bother?  This may be extreme, but I don't think I'm alone.
SO, this year's word? drum roll please!


Really, really inspired. Because sometimes, you know, a person just needs fabulous. say it out loud.  f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! And let's face it, things could be worse, I can think of worse fates. Looking back, I can see I might've known to expect this.  Apparently I crave fabulous. I say, bring it on! Spunk and twinkle aside, queue the fabulous. the sooner, the better. The thing is really two things, if you will, fabulous on the outside, and the fabulous that accompanies on the inside.  I mention this because I'm ordinarily just an inside kinda gal. But, but now I want outside fabulous, too! nothing seems too baroque for fabulous?  Borderline genius. But every once in a while, the fabulous is everything, like when you want your 64th to boom! (you know the "will you still love me, will you still need me?") be the best ever. a celebratory fabulous. This is one of those once in a whiles.That may be too much build-up for a year?  because for all that, the only work here is yoga, walk, scoop, drizzle and shake.  It is nothing more than will power. a bit less here. upping the exercise. dialing down the sugar. every few months another size down. endless health benefits. and extra oomph all around. It really is lovely, in fact, in all sorts of ways, little smudges adding unidentifiable, wonderful depth.

But I've not yet added it today. Until now.  I won't make that mistake again.This year, this is the fabulous I'm queuing, the one that I'm craving, and keep coming back to.  It came together in a most unlikely moment, Tuesday afternoon, post nap walk. It saw me tumbling in at three in the afternoon. Two hours. divvied up for good measure.  I'm not sure where your inspiration comes from, but mine rarely begins with a two hour nap. But somehow, on this particular day, between the crucial ten minutes it took the water to boil and seep green tea, it came to me.  I scavenged my journals, came up with some thought or another, and set to work improvising a plan.  I'd had, at the back of my mind, for months, a vision. I didn't write it down. (I still haven't), but the idea of the thing spurred me along.  The reality of the thing has kept me coming back for days. yes, I know it's the beginning of March! But this was a big decision—to think about and live by this word all year long. It takes a special kind of self determination to go there and never look back. It's taken me awhile, but I'm doing it now baby! I’ve done it. I'm living it. I've picked my word, it finally clicked, and now I'll see where it takes me. Naturally, I will need something to remind me. to center myself on. something more than the simple day-to-day tasks that seem to fill the moments, hours, and days to overflowing.


I’m going to wrap my head around that word and see where it takes me.

Go ahead self.  I dare you.  

In the meantime dude, I'm busy being fabulous.

just sayin' 

frozen yogurt covered blueberries
 1 (6 oz) Container of fresh blueberries
 1 (6 oz) container nonfat blueberry Greek yogurt. NOTE: I have also used honey, vanilla and strawberry. All are delish!

Start by washing your blueberries and lining a small baking sheet with parchment or wax paper.
Using a toothpick, dip each blueberry into the Greek yogurt and swirl until the blueberry is nicely coated with yogurt. Place on baking sheet. Continue this until all blueberries are coated.
Place baking sheet into freezer, and let freeze for at least an hour.
After about an hour, your Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries can be placed in a ziplock baggie and stored in the freezer. Take out what you need for snack time and enjoy!

P.S. also dipped strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.


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