snowfalls and heroes.

I'm going to talk birthdays today. Big ones. And cake and family and memories and so on. But dude! It snowed last week! now everything else will have to wait. Just for a moment. not exactly earth shattering, news. Vital though, I'd argue.  As in, we have had so little snow this year. so...first things first, do you know big fluffy snow flakes? the kind that fall onto your eye lashes? and just sit there? even when you blink they don't fall off. or melt! because to know them, is to love them. and that whole business about absence and fonder hearts, true! at least where snow is concerned. everything else... cold, less daylight, slush, we already had on hand. but snow! Holy Cow! Snow and I, we go way back. I have Ohio to thank for that. every year when I was just a babe. And now, again, packed into every year. slipped in one month at a time. three four five all together. once more mixed into my regular routine. so I will enjoy it while I can. Heck, this may be my last one. Or close to it anyway! All I know is that I was introduced to it early on, the when is kinda cloudy, stored in that place where early memories go. The how, that I can remember, clear as a bell. crystal. that part's sharp as a tack. first snow falls are like first kisses, you never forget. they are magical. and the snowy white air, makes my chest open wide and my mind settle down. allows me to take deep breaths. calms my thoughts.  Quiet days fill me with inspiration. Solitude, writing, toiling over photos, just me and my thoughts. and my puppies. and the sun streaming in my window.

everything else comes to a crashing halt. and spirits are high. Today, snow and sunshine. truly magic is just outside the door. the world glistens and sparkles as if everything were made of glass, and sprinkled with diamond dust. I watch as the silence seeps into every nook and cranny, bringing my imagination to life, taking me to those far away places. where make-believe just doesn't seem like pretend. being young and carefree isn't so hard to reach.
These are the days to remember.
I listen to the snow fall. whispering against the window. melting, slowly, on the glass. Melancholy daydreams find their way to my desk, scattered among the memories, old photos and wintery doodles.
This has been an escape for me. after I have rediscovered it's magic. My desk is tucked in the corner by a window, overlooking the world outside. overlooking the sunrise. and away from the hub bub, giving me a place to create, to think and write and ponder. This moment is oh so sweet.

i love it here and the silence of winter speaks to me with the most beautiful sound.

dark, cold winter mornings. early. the wee hours. this is the time I love the best. when my thoughts come alive. Listening to the quiet. cherishing every moment. Not just the good stuff, but, all of it. snippets of time to cherish, on this journey called life. to find the beauty in every moment, every heartbeat. I am excited. spread before me is the rest of my life. moments of firsts, decisions, dreams, happiness, heartache, and laughter. also in front of me, every photo I have ever taken. every memory I have captured, shares this space with me, in this moment. I am stringing them together, like pearls on a necklace. occasionally feeling as if I am collecting marbles that are rolling in all directions. as scattered as my thoughts.

past few days, still sporting pajamas until lunch. You know how it is then, how sometimes, it just works out that way. working on projects. important ones. melodies dance in my head, memories slip through my fingers, and ideas spring forth. This mornings sunrise mimics my feelings. the promise of a new day. the trees outside my window scattered across the skyline, bare branches against a blue sky. looking for all the world like ink across the still unwritten pages of my life. I'm hoping and praying that I finish before I must put on proper clothes and tame my troll hair. a big birthday. today! my dad. so bright. and sparkly. and radiant. back then! yep, like a copper penny. thing is, he still is. more so, even. how does he do that? add to that list brave and strong. and keeper of the time. I am (and always have been) endlessly inspired by him. so now, there's an agenda, somewhere to go, deadlines,  hurry up! dinner. cake. celebrating 80 years. 

 my heart swelling with thankfulness and joy.
birthday spice cake with caramel icing
(click here for recipe)



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