festive, finally.

Finally. I'm getting there.

I've got bits of Christmas everywhere. It snowed for over two weeks by golly, with no signs of letting up, making the world look like a giant snow globe. Winter storm warnings are the norm these days. Salt trucks and plows play peek-a-boo among the traffic. Wind chill is the new humidity. A festive floral arrangement arrived and is sitting prettily in the foyer, making me feel remembered and loved this season. Decorations have been brought up, spiffed up, and arranged for the holiday duration. Presents are being bought and wrapped, cards arrive daily. Bowls of holly and pine cones perfume the air, reaching from corner to corner. Pine needles and glitter pop up without warning. Lights are twinkling. Ornaments are hanging. Christmas accessories are being accessorized. There is still so much to do, and I'm easily distracted, but I'm keeping my eye on the big picture, mostly. Seemingly over night the day is almost upon us.

We've had a few Christmas parties, lovely dinners with family and friends, Christmas concerts at Severance Hall, nippy visit to the Kris Kringle Mart, all day shopping jaunts, random acts of kindness, and hauntingly beautiful Christmas music.


So~after much fa-la-laaaaaing ...

I finally made it to the cookies...I donned my apron and expandable pants and spent hours days 2 weeks baking cookies [my oven is asking for over-time pay]. Flour, butter, nuts and sugar have been mixed, baked and decorated. Also ready are peppermint bark, coffee toffee, caramels with sea salt and buckeyes. The pristine, cut-out snow fakes are sparkling again, as they do every year 'bout this time. The English toffee, cashew brittle and biscotti are done, as are the gingerbread stars, little white cookies, spritz and peanut butter chocolate chip. Tucked safely into tins are the frou frou linzer cookies, coffee walnut wafers...hmmmm... check, check, check..........thumbs have been pressed to make room for peppermint pieces or icing with chocolate ganache, ridiculously tiny fruits have been formed from marzipan, the snowmen are back and I still have a dozen few more things I'd like to finish. I know, right.

I've made old favorites and tried new recipes [some have made the annual must bake list, while others may not be invited back next year]. Oh! you have to try the toffee studded Snickerdoodles. And the Nanaimo bars...really, you should, right after you try the butter sweets! aaand! did I mention the gingerbread stars? of all the cookies auditioned every year, these always make the list, they are incredible...you will not be able to keep your mittens off them.

These.  Oh, these. These cookies delight me to no end! After pondering over which cookies to post, and yeah, clearly I've made quite a few, picking a favorite was not easy. At any rate, these gingerbread stars all dressed up in pearls and heals and wearing their best party frocks are first class contenders, gift worthy and company befitting. In other words, Dude, they are really good!

And you know what else? These cookies keep forever and a day, as a matter of fact they get even better as they sit in their little tins, oh my (I know).


Gingerbread Snowflakes


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