to everything there is a season......

I know that I do not need a special crepe pan to make crepes, but I could not resist, it just makes it more fun!

Well, you need to season the pan before you can use it. The instructions say to put some potato peels in the pan, cover them with water & boil for 15 minutes.

Next, throw away the peelings & rinse the pan in very hot water, wipe it & heat a little oil in the pan. Finally, wipe the pan with paper towels & store it in a dry place. Clean after each use with very hot water & a sponge with a drop of washing up liquid on it. Rinse with plenty of hot water & wipe dry. Oil with a paper towel & put away in a dry place. After being used several times , your pan will be seasoned.

NEVER leave the pan to soak. NEVER put the pan in a dishwasher.



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