"If I could turn back time!"

This was my first trip to Vegas. I was dazzled by the billions of lights. Overwhelmed by the huge crowds of people. Melted in the sizzling heat. Rode a gondola in the Venetian. Watched talking statues at Caesar's. Ate breakfast in the rain forest, lunch in the Eiffel tower, dinner at Mesa Grille. Saw...... a ceiling adorned with 2,000 breathtaking, hand blown glass flowers, a roller coaster climb 203 ft up the side of a hotel, dancing waters at the Bellagio, the pyramids, a volcano erupt, a topless pool, blue men, & a cheesey magician. Went to Venice, New York, Paris & Egypt in one day. .......and WENT TO SEE CHER!!!!

Our seats were at the end of row three...RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE! I could have touched her if I so much as stuck out my hand! Cher may not be able to "turn back time", but she can make it stand still for 90 minutes of pure performing perfection.

Cher is so much more than sequins, leather & lace, she is a true living legend & the original Diva. She may be aging in terms of years, but barely seemed mortal as she exploded onto the stage with her awesome version of U2's Still haven't found what I'm looking for. Her voice is crystal clear, deep & dark as cinnamon & smooth & strong as buckwheat honey. I love the emotional tribute with the trip down memory lane, including excerpts from her movies & clips from her days with Sonny.The show also features elaborate costumes, dancers & aerialists who bedazzle with their amazing choreography & daring acrobatic moves. I was enchanted & held my breath through out the entire show, willing it to never end. Cher once said "I'm not the best at anything that I do. I'm not the best singer, I'm not the best performer, I'm not the best actor. All I know is that there is something about me that people like." I think that what people like is that she is the best....the best at being the magic that is Cher.


  1. sounds like you had a fun time, CHER is incredible, great blog


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