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every shade of blue.

I can't even tell you why certain things continue to bang around in my heart....I planned to write a big, ole bossy post giving you a list of things that you *must* do in your garden this week-end. Because, you know, Fall is coming, plus we all need more to-do lists especially on the weekends. But then I found myself going through my cedar chest and the usual spell came over me. I started spinning sugar-dusted whimsy from old cards and a ball of twine. It cast a spell over me...willing me to laugh, cry, and remember. You understand. So now it's Wednesday and what we all need less than a week-end to-do list is a middle of the week to-do list. Just trust me on this one. Anyway, I've been collecting little mementos for a while now and it's time to share. I was thinking about why I love them, so much! ... why the thought of secret treasures stashed away...dusty, passed over, almost forgotten, (some say) useless... gives me goos ebumps. the

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